A new study from Oxford says that games have no effect on people’s well-being

An analysis of 39,000 people found no direct link between gaming and a happier life.

A new study published by the University of Oxford shows that the Games Act is not determinative of the overall quality of life that a person can have. A study published this Wednesday (27) was conducted More than 39 thousand peoplewho analyzed their gaming habits using data collected by publishers.

The result contradicts a 2020 study by the same group of researchers who claimed that Those who played video games were often happier. Differences in results are explained by a change in methodology: a previous study was included 4 thousand peoplewho independently recorded the number of hours they played per week.

Based on the latest research Automatically collected data (and with the user’s permission) titles such as Apex Legends, Eve online, Forza Horizon 4 and OutridersAmong other games from seven publishers. There were game habits Analyzed for six weeksAnd participants were required to answer areas such as ‘autonomy’, ‘competence’ and ‘intrinsic motivation’.

No practical impact of the games was found

In an interview with The Guardian, Professor Andy Przybylski said the study found none The practical effect of games on the emotional state of participants, even when playing time is increased or decreased. “We found evidence that this is not true in practice in significant ways.“, he said.

However, the researcher revealed that although the broad, The search is still narrowed When you consider the size of the gaming industry. according to him Only 7 out of 30 companies contacted agreed to participate in the studyAnd it took them more than a year and a half to share their data.

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Playing Super Mario 64 Stimulates Hippocampal Gray Matter in Adult Brains, Study Shows

Playing Super Mario 64 Stimulates Hippocampal Gray Matter in Adult Brains, Study Shows
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Przybylski stated this in a separate article Games can affect people under specific circumstances, like those moments when they can’t do it. According to the professor, changes in emotional state occurred when the participants “felt that they needed to play“, which It caused worry and discomfort – Feelings that did not arise when it was done voluntarily.


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