A new Resident Evil 4 video reveals scenes that are in the game but never used

Capcom had to cut a lot of content from the game in order to deliver it on time.

Released in January 2005, Resident Evil 4 was the game responsible revolutionized the series And that he managed to overcome the problematic development process. After the game hit stores, the team involved admitted it The final stages of creating the project were quite fastWhich led to the elimination of some content and a hasty closure of the story.

As seen in a new video posted by YouTuber Albert Marin, A lot of stuff that Capcom finished is still in the game.. Using features that allowed him to break through the game’s barriers, he showed in 48 minutes the places players could visit if the developers had more time to develop them.

The video shows that in the original version, Resident Evil 4 would have a greatly expanded prison area And an additional area that will be responsible for connecting to the ruins seen in the final version. He also reveals this Many regions will have additional shortcutsAs well as a very different quest structure from what players ended up getting.

Capcom is preparing a remake of Resident Evil 4

All of Marin’s discoveries have been made Resident Evil 4 PC version, which he and his colleagues have extensively researched in recent years. The content producer is one of the members of the Resident Evil 4 HD Project, a remastering of the game that Covered more than 8 years of work.

Now available for download, The fan-made mod brought high-resolution textures to the game, as well as updated interfaces and other improvements. The very ambitious project involved not only recreating the elements in the game, but also taking photos of real places that inspired Leon’s adventures.

Resident Evil 4 is set to receive a completely remastered version today March 24, 2023, the date Capcom has set for the release of its remake. So far, the developer has released few details about the title, but rumors indicate that it should be Bring in a darker plot and it would expand Ada Wong’s involvement in the scenario.


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