A new Pokemon has been revealed; Check it out here!

In order to increase the number of characters in its production, The Pokémon Company recently released a new one to the community Trailer of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and in this new release we are introduced to a new little monster called Bellybolt.

on Trailer Recently released, it can be viewed stream And the gym leader, Yono, showed off his new Pokemon via video to fans in the “Scarlet and Violet” world.

For those who don’t have much knowledge of the Billibolt, it has the characteristic of both expanding and contracting its elastic body, which ends up generating electricity within it.

As for Belybolt’s new look, he has two dots on his side – they look a lot like eyes – but they’re only where he can discharge his energy, though.

However, his abilities don’t stop there, as he has a new power, namely electromorphosis. This new ability appears when a small Pokemon is attacked. After that, it starts generating high electricity which can be used in the next attack.

Another video has also been made available, however, this time, the new Pokemon appears in action alongside Yono, who is being cared for by a trainer. You can check out some images of the new monster below:

“Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet” was responsible for bringing the ninth generation of famous monsters to the public. It is believed that the new adventure, which will be released on November 18, will take place in the Paldea region, and its narrative will be divided into three different stories.

This appears to be the first time the series will feature an open-world RPG, which has strong similarities to “Pokémon Legends: Arceus.” There is no official word on the number of Pokemon that will be added to “Scarlet and Purple” as a whole.

As of now, all that is known to the public is that the games will not have a Brazilian Portuguese language, although fans have been clamoring for it.

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