A new game could return to the classic formula

Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist, shared more information about the alleged new Assassin’s Creed this Tuesday (30). In response to the leak, he beefed up the game’s setting in Baghdad and focused on Basim, but brought significant news about the game’s mechanics and the end of the RPG system.

Originally, the information was leaked by YouTuber j0nathan and detailed various aspects of the game, known by the code name “Rift”. According to the insider, the title will be called Assassin’s Creed Mirage and will be released between April and June 2023, and will return to the basic formula of the series (Eagle’s Vision, Brotherhood story and other elements).

In addition, the content creator reinforces previous rumors about when the action will take place – in the years 860-870 and during the anarchy in Samarra. However, the big change is due to the gameplay update. Mirage will have no choice in dialogue, gender selection and character evolution system.

A person in the know tells me that parts of this new Assassin’s Creed leak are true (like the name and other things that Bloomberg already reported: Spring 2023 [outono no Brasil]Baghdad, back to AC basics) and no other parts (“multiple cities to explore”).

Among these aspects, Schreier reinforced some points and rejected others, stating that the existence of “multiple cities to explore” is not true. It also lists “other parties” as false claims, but doesn’t say if it’s a misconception about open world.

Ubisoft may be preparing an Assassin’s Creed remake

Other leaked news suggests that Ubisoft is working on a remake of the first Assassin’s Creed. The project will be under “secret” development in the same form as Rift / Mirage and may be integrated into the new game’s Season Pass. The content will arrive “several months early” and will include the Constantinople DLC.

Since Ubisoft hasn’t made anything official, all information should be taken as is rumours. But we must remember: the publisher will talk about the future of the franchise at an event planned for September – without a specific date.

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