A leaked image shows a possible new color for the Xbox Elite 2 controller

A white Xbox Elite 2 controller may be announced by Microsoft soon, according to photos and videos

O Xbox Elite 2 Controller, control with customization options and Microsoft’s console optimization, was announced in 2020 in the black model, and since then no new options have been available. Now, two years later, the landscape may be changing, with photos and videos pointing to the launch of a white version of the accessory.

In the videos published by the account YouTube Named Nicholas Lugo, published three weeks ago, it is possible to see the white version of the device, which has hands black. The person responsible for the video claims the accessory was sourced in the US – but it’s unclear how he got the device, whether he was in a store or had access to it before the model was sold and announced. Microsoft.

Considering that we have it in August gamescomSame event as the first Xbox Elite Controller The white version was announced in 2018, it is possible that we will have news about the equipment before the end of the month – at the same time, nothing guarantees that it is 100% real, it could just be a customization that a YouTube user is selling the new version

This isn’t the first time an Xbox controller has been leaked

Control leakage Xbox There is no news. in 2020, until announced Xbox Series SA white controller in the shape of Microsoft’s new consoles has appeared in stores, with specifications that indicated it would be compatible with Microsoft’s all-digital console. Microsoft.

O Xbox Adaptive Controller was also leaked days before its official announcement in May 2018 – thus the family of consoles Microsoft Products that are used to leaks, thus lending some credibility to the existence of the white Elite 2.

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Source: The Verge


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