A hacker manages to run Doom inside the original Doom 2 for DOS

You can check out the project yourself using the game version for Steam and GOG

Among the elements that contribute to maintaining popularity Doom The variety of the game is original to this day, which Can go with almost anything – Including LEGO bricks. Now, a hacker has found a way Doom was completely run with the original Doom 2 for DOS.

A full explanation of the process that made this possible was posted on the kgws channel. in short, The developer responsible managed to use the exploit in the original Doom 2 to run the version Chocolate doom In its engine, it creates a scenario in which the Doom Slayer participates as a spectator of its own actions.

According to the creator of the project, It can only run inside the original Doom 2 due to security issues that would bring modern systems. Since the process involves code execution, the presence of the exploit in more modern versions of the game It will open up machines to spread malicious code.

Doom within Doom 2

The video posted by kgws serves as a Great tutorial for your projectBut whoever wants to can check the result obtained by him Skip 8 minutes and 10 seconds. The original Doom was played in a small “cinema” created by the developers to use the screen of the original game.

The project allows Enjoy Doom from a third-person perspective and jump straight into the action What happens on the screen, with the same enemies and sound effects. Unlike other projects with more conceptual ideas, The full game is available from start to finish in Doom 2 from DOS and anyone can check the result.

– Continues after commercial –

The developer has made the necessary files available on Github so that anyone can replicate the process, which he says Works on Steam and GOG versions of the game (using an emulator DOSBox). The installation process is simple and inclusive Move some files to the directory where the game executable isand.


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Source: PC Gamer


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