A gamer cannot find competitors in the game after spending 500,000 BRL on a character

Posted on 03/08/2022 23:17

A player spends R$518,000 on a game and can’t find an opponent – (Credit: Reproduction/Twitter @jtisallbusiness)

A YouTuber from North Carolina, United States, spent $100,000 (about R$518,000 at current prices) to power up his character in the game Immortal Diablo And, after spending his wealth, the player nicknamed “jtisallbusiness” cannot use all the acquired properties, because he cannot find a worthy opponent.

JT’s player has become so strong that finding an opponent to fight in the game has become a difficult task. In a video posted on YouTube, the gamer reported the problem and said that he left the game to search for an opponent for a period of 48 to 72 hours, but found no one and eventually gave up.

After failing to find a compatible opponent, JT contacted Blizzard, the developer responsible for the game, and the company said it was aware of the problem, but did not provide a date for a patch. However, a gamer has questioned through social networks whether the issue will really be resolved because he is the only player in the game. Immortal Diablo to pass this situation.

JT also said he’s considering a refund because he “can’t do what he paid for his character.” On social media, the gamer told his followers that he is not interested in a refund, that the intention is to be able to continue playing with the strongest character. “I don’t want to give anything back, but do I have a choice?” he wrote on Twitter.

Return to the battlefield

On Wednesday evening (3/8), JT posted a video on YouTube saying that the problem had been fixed and he was back in the game with his turbocharged character. “It’s fixed… it’s me!” – he said.

In a post on Twitter, he also thanked the contributors who helped him fix the bug. “Thanks to everyone involved in fixing the Battlefield issues,” he said.

After fixing the problem, JT posted the first video of him playing his character. It narrates the moves and struggles of its player and is defeated at the end of the game. “Good to be back guys. It’s great to be back,” he concluded.


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