A fan discovers a secret area of ​​NieR: Automata 5 years after its release

Even five years after its release, NieR: Automata It seems to still keep secrets in its curious world. This is because The player has probably discovered a secret area whose steps no one has been able to reproduce so far, which has caused many discussions in the community.

According to moderator and content creator Lance McDonald on Twitter, the video was posted last Monday (25) on Reddit and shows A mysterious door in the copied cityIn a segment with a character A2.

The path allows the player to collect some items and find a small church after going down a spiral path with various towers that pop out and go into the ground as you progress.

Upon arriving at the chapel, a never-before-seen cutscene is held to introduce the place, featuring a corpse holding a candle inside and a sort of “corrupted data cloud” that cannot be interacted with.

The hero himself asks what it is all about, but his assistant robot cannot answer. you are useless“, – answers A2, who from the beginning did not have a pleasant relationship with the helper robot.

A modder with extensive knowledge of the game guarantees that it is still impossible to change the depth of this level of gameplay – Which probably rules it out as a fake video.

A month ago, according to the report, the same author suddenly asked why his friend could not “go into church”, leaving the public quite confused as to what the matter was. Only now the video has been released and all the fans are waiting for answers.

The last secret?

This situation is especially curious because NieR series director Yoko Taro himself said that there were no more secrets to be discovered in the game, which was originally released in 2017.

In 2021, Lance MacDonald himself discovered what would be the game’s “ultimate secret”, giving access to cheats such as chapter selection, debug mode, and the trophy shop. Japan’s official profile said at the time that The last secret recently discovered.

Of course, it will be very interesting to follow the research of the public about this curiosity NieR: Automata. Please note that the game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released on October 6 this year.

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