A day earlier: Steam’s most requested game has been postponed until 2023

Zombie MMO developers have decided to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

Developer FNTASTIC announced this Thursday (5) that it has decided Drag and drop your survival game from Unreal Engine 5 the day before. While this may bring benefits to the game, the change has brought bad news for those looking forward to the title: now it should only be released in March 2023.

The previous day is described as a An open world survival game in which the player shares the same world with several other people. In the scenario of the apocalypse of these zombies, you need to seek help from the community and be careful not to fall prey to creatures – or people with bad intentions.

A prerequisite for an impressive technical presentation has been made The title was quickly added to the wish list of millions of Steam users. Initially, FNTASTIC’s plan was to release the first version of the game on June 21 this year, and the announcement of the move to Unreal Engine 5 probably surprised many fans.

The developer thanks the fans for their patience

In an official statement, the game developer thanked the fans for their support. Action The Day Before is the most popular game on the Valve platform. “As we feel and understand the great sense of responsibility we have, we are so grateful to announce that The Day Before is moving to the new Unreal Engine 5 technology!“- Explained in the company.

Switching to a more advanced and adapted open world engine will make The Day Before Gameplay even more fantastic“- promised FNTASTIC. Published by MYTONA, The title has several videos that show its mechanics and the universeAnd should use features such as Ray Tracing to create a sunken and dangerous environment.

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In addition to bringing combat and search items, The Day Before promises to incorporate social elements into its world, inspired by unusual sources such as the Animal Crossing series. From Nintendo. So far, the game has an exclusive release for PC, and the new date is March 1, 2023.


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Source: IGN


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