A cheaper and less “heated” PS5 Slim should be released in 2023


Sony may launch a new PS5 next year

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been with us for a long time, so the arrival of a smaller version of the console is just around the corner. Will be? The latest rumors indicate that the PS5 Slim, as it may be called, will be announced by Sony in the third fiscal quarter of 2023.

Although the company has not commented on the matter, the release of a compact PS5 makes sense. For starters, the current version is powerful and has an interesting design, but takes up a lot of space.

In addition, the scaled-down version is easier to manufacture, which can lead to lower prices for the consumer. Also consider “tradition”: the PS3 had a slim version, as did the PS4.

Smaller, lighter and with less heat

A source heard by The Leak says that Sony is developing a version of the PlayStation 5 that is less bulky than the original console, as well as lighter. The new model should also run at a lower voltage and thus generate less heat.

Reducing the size of the console is not an easy task. The size of the power supply and the need for an external design that helps dissipate heat are complicating factors for this job.

But if the rumors are true, Sony has finally found a way to replace all these features in favor of a smaller console that still works. The new version may no longer need to keep the support base horizontal or vertical.

This last aspect raises the possibility that the new PS5 will have a more sober design, i.e. “square”. But, if the functional attributes of the original console are preserved, this should not be a problem for any gamer.

No “slim” in the name?

Sony’s fiscal third quarter falls on a regular calendar. This means that if the rumors are correct, the PS5 Slim will be announced between July and September 2023.

However, there is a suspicion that Sony will not keep the tradition of the name. If confirmed, the new PS5 will be reduced in size but not described as “Slim”. Reason? Only Sony knows.

There’s also the possibility that the PS5 Slim (or whatever it’s called) is an alleged PlayStation 5 with an external storage drive. However, the current noise does not make this relationship, as the external drive is expected to work with any version of the line.

Meanwhile, the company continues to release revisions of the original console. Announced in September, the latest version of the PS5 maintains the design standard, but is lighter and less warm. It is largely worth using the 6-nanometer AMD Oberon Plus chip.


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