A 1995 BBC report questioned whether the PlayStation would be better than Nintendo and Sega

A BBC archive profile looks back at this historic period in the games industry

It was 1995, and the feud between Sega and Nintendo had marked the first half of the 1990s fiercely. The PlayStation, the industry’s new “player,” already existed in Japan and was about to launch in the West. A BBC report that was published BBC Archive Twitter, reported the existence of the console and questioned whether it was the Super Nintendo (SNES) and the Sega Mega Drive and Saturn consoles.

The result is more than clear today, but it is interesting to look back at the perspective of that time, almost three decades ago. Პirveli Game station It first arrived in Japan in late 1994, and a few months later in the West, as well as the British market, which is the focus of the report.

“Japanese electronics giant Sony is making its first foray into the video game market. Sony says its new machine is its most important new product since the Walkman,” a BBC news anchor announced. The Walkman, for those who have never heard of it, was a portable cassette player. The father of Discman, who is also the father of the early 2000s MP3.

The speaker says that by entering the PlayStation market, consumers would have more choice in a market dominated by Nintendo and Sega. At the time of the report, both companies were reporting declining sales and were already preparing to launch new consoles.

The second half of the 1990s was very busy.

Nintendo had the “Ultra 64,” a codename for the Nintendo 64, and Sega had already released the Saturn, a console that abandoned cartridges in favor of CDs. And in 1999, the Dreamcast was launched, closing out the arrival of the main consoles of the second half of the 1990s.

Know the meaning of PlayStation symbols

The speaker says that a PlayStation account next month (September) will cost €299. The fact that the console uses discs, providing sound quality superior to cartridges, in addition to the 3D graphics, which were not new at the time but were far from mainstream, were some of the highlights of the BBC.

A game market analyst said at the time that Sony not only wanted a share of the $20 billion it would generate in the industry, but also dominated the music, film and gaming industries and the hardware used by those media.

Aside from Nintendo’s Game Boy family of handhelds, the first PlayStation was the first console to reach over 100 million units sold. Its successor, the PlayStation 2, is the current sales leader with over 155 million units, slightly ahead of the 154 million for the Nintendo DS. The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s third best-selling console.

In particular, I’ll never forget when the PS1 first launched Final Fantasy VII in 1997. And you, lived at that time? Do you still remember your first contact with the PS1? Comment there.


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