9 Weirdest Accessories From Video Game History

Fortunately, the video game industry these days doesn’t produce as many accessories as it did in the early days. Most people only need one controller to play. A maximum of one headset to increase gaming immersion and that’s it!

Of the players who like accessories, most are limited to those designed for simulators. I’m talking about steering wheels and pedals for racing games. The more affluent turn to virtual reality glasses, which are not yet attractive to the general public.

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But, in ancient times, when the game industry began to take its first steps, companies invented the most diverse accessories. Of course, there were some that were useful and added to the game. But The vast majority of accessories released in the 1980s and 2000s were completely useless.. And some were even strange!

In this article we will list 09 Weirdest Accessories From Video Game History. During my fun research, I came across dozens of useless accessories. But I decided to include only the strangest ones here. I’ve ranked them from least weird to most weird. So have fun!

09. Game boat

It’s an accessory for an accessory! O toy boat was an accessory Microsoft Kinect, which in turn was quite popular on Xbox. This accessory is in the 9th position because it’s not that weird. But it is completely useless!

THIS IS Just an inflatable raft that fits two people inside. You can play Kinect Adventures game with it. The game was very simple: the character was in a boat in a strong river and you had to avoid the obstacles that appeared. it looks like Subway SurfersBut instead of a train track, you were in a boat going down a raging river.

The idea of ​​buying a Kinect-compatible inflatable stick just to play this damn game doesn’t cross my mind!

08. Game Boy Printer

Game boy printer

We are in the eighth position Game boy printer! It is nothing more and nothing less than a portable thermal printer. He was released Nintendo in 1998 and was on sale until 2003 (a long time).

The accessory is compatible with virtually all Game Boys at the time. By engaging in a video game, you could Print it out which was on the screen at the time of printing. It’s like taking a screenshot of the screen and then printing it.

However, the Game Boy Printer was big and clunky. In addition, the print quality was questionable, to say the least. Games were still pixelated, it was very hard to see anything on paper coming out of the accessory. Add to that the fact that he needs it 6 AA batteries work and Use Nintendo proprietary paper. Obviously, this accessory was a sales fiasco. I’m surprised it lasted this long.

07. Konami LaserScope

Here the deviations begin. O Konami LaserScope It had the whole look of a futuristic accessory straight out of a sci-fi movie. It functioned as a very modern headset, but its main function (in theory) was different.

It was released to replace the traditional zapper pistols that you shoot at targets on the screen. But in LaserScope, the scope is positioned over your right eye. So you have to aim with your head and only then shoot.

But here comes the strangest part of this product. To shoot, you must say the word “fire”. Yes, the Konami LaserScope had voice commands! But, imagine the scene when you’re playing and you’re screaming “fire” all the time! If it was in the US, someone would have called the fire department.

06. Sega activator

idea Sega Activator It’s nice too. But for now, not very functional. It was released for the Mega Drive. This is Touch control that uses infrared to detect your movements.

And how did it work? You would arrange the pieces on the floor, create an octagon, and then get into the stuff. When the device is connected to the Mega Drive, in theory it will detect the player’s movements, which will be reproduced on the screen.

But in practice it was not so. Each point of the octagon corresponds to a button on the Mega Drive controller. So if you wanted to jump, the corresponding point of the kick button had to “throw” you. You will learn better in the video below. But the fact is: a strange and completely useless accessory.

05. Chainsaw controller

O Chainsaw controller This is the last one. This is Resident Evil 4 game themed controller. The developers had the brilliant idea to turn a traditional joystick into a chainsaw for one of the game’s villains. The result was a huge, unergonomic mess.

Visually speaking, it is quite handsome. And the curious thing is that the blood spots are different in each control. That is, each Chainsaw Controller is unique. But when we think about functionality, the accessory leaves a lot to be desired.

Chainsaw controller

The buttons are too far apart. And it makes it harder to play more skillfully. Not to mention that the controls weighed a lot. Nowadays, the Chainsaw Controller is much more of a collectible than a useful gaming accessory. It was released for PlayStation 2 and Game Cube.

04. Child controller

If the developers above turned the controller into a chainsaw, here the controller has turned into a child! In this way!?

In 2010, the game was released for the Nintendo Wii nanny mother. This is a babysitting simulator. Some simulators are already pretty weird, but this one pushed all the limits. In the game, you have to take care of the baby by doing different activities like changing the diaper or putting him to sleep.

So far so good (not so much). The problem is that you have to buy an accessory to play Babysitting Mama. This is kind of child controller. It was a doll that had a place on the back to attach a Wii Remote.

The game then asks you to flip the doll from side to side. Or do a diaper change. If this is already unpleasant in real life, imagine it in a video game. Check out this gameplay video.

03. Game Boy Pedisedate

I admit that this accessory scared me a little. O Game Boy Pedisedate It’s a kind of helmet/headset compatible with Nintendo’s handheld video game. But it was his role soothing children! It is right! Soothing! Leave the children unconscious.

O Game Boy Pedisedate covered baby’s ears and nose. In addition to being connected to the Game Boy, this accessory was also connected to a nitrous oxide emitter. This gas is used as an anesthetic in dental offices.

In this way, the dentist will be able to do all the procedures without the child hitting the chair or panicking. Well, the purpose of the accessory works, but it’s still weird.

02. Singer Izek Sewing Machine

Here’s another Game Boy accessory! Nintendo really wasn’t afraid to take a risk, were they!? I think the Game Boy is the champion of quirky accessories! In our second position we have nothing more and nothing less than a Sewing machine! Yes! A sewing machine that you plug into your Game Boy.

It is actually an embroidery machine. You insert a specific cartridge into the Game Boy, it connects to the sewing machine and you can program the embroidery. The cartridge has 84 different embroidery patterns! And you can create your own patterns using the geometric shapes on the cartridge.

It’s obvious that such a cool accessory would be a sales flop!

01. Toshiba Bubble Helmet

Undoubtedly Toshiba bubble helmet is the strangest accessory on our list. This is the “helmet” worn by the user. At the front was a curved screen on which images were displayed. The curved screen served to create a sense of speed in the images. The idea was to use the accessory in racing games.

The problem is that the “helmet” looked more like a 29 inch TV! It was just huge! The appearance, of course, was strange! And even worse, the accessory weighed 3 kg! Just imagine playing for hours with a 3kg thing hanging over your head? No conditions.

However, we must admit that the idea was good. It’s a shame that the technology didn’t yet exist to develop the idea in a more natural and less weird way.

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