9 facts about Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a cult franchise that started in video games and gained several other media outlets for its success, including movies. It has become known as one of the most violent franchises in the gaming world and is nearing the end of its 30 years of existence.

It featured a variety of games that have been released to date, where the quality of graphics and movement has improved over time and is therefore already part of the history of pop culture and entertainment.

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9 facts about Mortal Kombat

To learn a little more about Mortal Kombat, we have gathered some interesting facts about the game and its creation.

1. Mortal Kombat will be a game about Jean-Claude Van Damme

The curious aspect of the early days of the game is that initially, according to the franchise’s creator, Ed Boone, it was a licensed game named after Belgian actor and wrestler Jean-Claude Van Damme. Still the actor’s body and his fighting movements were used as a basis for the characters.

But it did not turn out so well. He said that actor Jean-Claude Van Damme did not like the idea in the long run, but was still used as a model in the movie “Big White Dragon”. Although he did not participate in the filming, the character Johnny Cage (initials in honor of JC) was entirely inspired by him.

Over time, the game changed its original proposition and, as a result, began to inspire other works and people, as is the case with Aventureiros no Bairro Proibido. The game was inspired by the Thunder character from the movie to bring to life Ryden, the god of thunder. The villain Lo Pan was a reference to the creation of Mortal Kombat villain, Shang Tsung.

2. Toast! Is a tribute to the game audio designer


If you played the classic Mortal Kombat, you will definitely remember Toasty. This is an image of a human being appearing in a corner of the screen with an expression and which has long been the target of players ’curiosity. who is that boy?

The secret has been revealed and the toast is none other than Dan Forden, the franchise’s chief audio designer. It was one of the perfect Easter eggs for the game at the time and came after the joke of one of the franchise’s creators, Ed Boon.

They were both playing a few football games together in the Arcades, and one day Dan Forden wanted to say, “Predict a toast!” (Something like “I predict you will be defeated.” And ended up saying “Predict Toasty!” .How he spoke the word turned into a joke that later appeared in Mortal Kombat II.

3. The game was the reason for creating a track rating in the US

Indicative rating of games is common nowadays, depending on the content, especially violence and nudity. But this was not always the case, and it was the arrival of Mortal Kombat in the United States that raised this question.

One of the biggest assets against its rivals (such as Street Fighter, for example) is that Mortal Kombat has emerged as a game that displays graphic violence as well as the use of blood. Initially, due to company policy, there was no blood on the SNES (or was green), and the mega drive required its release under the ABACABB code.

But all this controversy ended with the industry launching a video game content evaluation system. But one of the main purposes of this, in fact, was to protect the industry itself, which could now voluntarily self-regulate. This has prevented politicians from finding more active ways to restrict content.

Thus was born the Entertainment Software Rating Board, ESRB.

4. is 2 sub zeros

Below zero

Not many know, but there are 2 characters in the game who were nicknamed Sub-Zero and both were Scorpion opponents. The first of these was Bi Hani, who was the first Sub-Zero.

Scorpion believed that Sub-Zero was responsible for destroying his clan and therefore decided to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament. It is in this tournament that he ends up killing Sub-Zero. However, Bin Hans had a younger brother named Kuai Liang who decided to wear a cloak and adopted this nickname. His goal is to avenge the death of his older brother.

They meet again at the second tournament organized by Shang Tsung, where they fight to the death-to-life battle. However, he is cut off by the cybernetic ninjas from the Sub-Zero clan.

5. First Sub Zero continued in the game, but like the other characters

Mortal Kombat

After being killed by a scorpion, Bi Han, who was the first sub-zero, became a ghost, a demonic form of what he was before. Thus arose Noob Sibot, the Dark Ninja, and the incarnation of evil. He first appeared in Mortal Kombat II as a mystery character and became a game in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

An interesting curiosity of the character is that his name is a tribute to the creators of Mortal Kombat. They used their last names in reverse, so Noob comes from Boon (Ed Boon) and Saibot comes from Tobias (John Tobias).

6. Movements were created with real people

Another great advantage of Mortal Kombat is that the game showed very realistic movements of battles and battles. This is because the game was created with motion capture techniques that were quite innovative at the time. Something like this line was also used in the Prince of Persia.

With this technique, the characters were not drawn in 2D like other genre games, but were digitized from real human records. In this way, from the games to Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate, all fighters are created with moves made by real people.

Nowadays you can find videos on the internet where this work is shown and compare the movements of the actors with the characters, it is quite interesting.

7. Bruce Lee was the inspiration for the character and his son had a guaranteed role in the first film

Mortal Kombat

Anyone who follows Bruce Lee’s career and has seen his films can easily recognize the actor’s inspiration for Liu Kang’s character. Even the visuals, as well as the sounds made during the movement and the fight.

But the interesting fact is that Bruce Lee’s son also has a history with Mortal Kombat, even though he is unfortunately very short. It turns out that when the first game-based film was made, the role of Johnny Cage was reserved for Brandon Lee.

Sadly, before filming began, Brandon Lee died while filming another film, The Raven, in a case that became very popular in the film industry. Brandon crashed with a gun that was supposed to have blanks but had real bullets.

8. The first film is one of the most lucrative video game adaptations to date

Unlike the world of comics, which is highly successful on the big screen these days, video game adaptation movies are not big hits for the most part. The 1995 Mortal Kombat was one of the first of its kind and marked an era of its success that continues to this day.

The film had a budget of about $ 18 million and managed to raise $ 70 million in the United States alone. It grossed more than $ 122 million worldwide, making it a huge success. These days it is among the most lucrative video game movie adaptations.

9. Animality came from rumors


One of the most exciting ways to kill an opponent that emerged with the arrival of Mortal Kombat 3 was Animality. Fans of the game began to spread that it had a super secret, a special fatality, and that it was so secretive and difficult to execute that few people could access it. According to rumors, this special Fatality caused the character to turn into an animal and end the opponent.

This rumor reached the developers who liked the idea and really added it to a new type of finish called Animality.

So, do you know of any curiosities about games or movies that might be added to the list? Which is your favorite Mortal Kombat? Make a comment!

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