9 Diablo-like game on mobile

Immortal Diablo Has just arrived cellphones, Which allows fans of the series, anytime, anywhere, to enter the buttocks at the heart of the hand. However, this does not mean that everyone will be able to play: due to hardware limitations or for some other reason, many people will eventually part with Blizzard’s new mobile game.

To help people find alternatives to the series’ online multiplayer action RPG, we’ve selected nine titles similar to Devil Explore Buttocks, defeat enemies, collect items and enhance your character on your mobile screen!

Diablo Similar Mobile Games

If you try to play Immortal Diablo And it failed, either because it did not fit the game mechanics, because you discovered problems working on your device, or even because you could not install the app on your smartphone, do not worry! We have selected nine similar games that could be a good alternative to the Blizzard title for mobile!

Titan Quest

In Titan Quest, Players must create their own characters, be able to change the look and select a class before they jump into adventures. Inspired by Greek mythology, the game is an action RPG with quality gameplay and narrative comparable to games from the Blizzard series. Different than Immortal DiabloHowever, the game is not free.

Titan Quest payed And It has versions for iOS and Android.


Another quality ARPG is available for smartphones Ethernium, From Making Fun Studio. In the game, players can choose between the game of witch, warrior or bounty hunter, can create constructions that suit their style of play and use the arsenal at their disposal to achieve the best results during battles. The game has an extensive open world map, full of dangers and places to explore.

Free, Ethernium It has versions for iOS and Android.


If you like a game that is not only fun and challenging, but also has nice and excellent gameplay, Grimwallor May be one of the best options on our list. Visually, the game is very different from the games in the Blizzard series, but the action and research, combined with the high quality of the project, should arouse fans. Devil Feel at home. If you are looking for a genre game that offers challenge and fun for free, here is our offer!

Grimwallor It has free versions for iOS and Android.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Exploring buttocks and buttocks, fighting different creatures and finding the best items, all using a customized hero are just a few things you can do Raziel: Dungeon Arena. As the complexity of the enemies increases, you must strengthen your character, find more powerful equipment, gather resources, and unlock (and hone) new skills to get the job done.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena Its game is available for free and has versions for iOS and Android.

Almora Darkosen

Released exclusively for Android phones, Almora Darkosen Is a mobile Action RPG that should have great appeal to the most nostalgic crowd. With an appearance reminiscent of classics Diablo II, The game is slightly more limited than the titles listed above, with simpler graphics, less detailed maps, and smaller buttons. But that does not detract from the merit of the game, which offers plenty of fun – for free – for those looking for an alternative to Blizzard.

Almora Darkosen Available for free for Android.


Another quality action RPG is on our list Lowered, From Artifex Mundi Studio. Released for Android, iPhone and iPad, the title offers a gaming experience that is very similar to what is seen in it Immortal Diablo – But it lacks a bit in terms of history, somewhat beaten and uninspired by conspiracy. Aside from the criticism, it’s still worth checking out!

Lowered It has versions for iOS and Android.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Made by Gameloft, Dungeon Hunter 5 This is the fifth adventure from the Diablo-like series of action-packed RPGs. Consuming lots, lots of content, breaking lots of butt, collecting tons of loot, and defeating opponents’ hordes, the game is almost essential for fans of the genre.

Dungeon Hunter 5 It has versions for iOS and Android.


Famous action RPG game from Supergiant Games! Bastion Also released for mobile devices, more specifically available for iPhone and iPad. In the game, players have to explore more than 40 areas with exquisite visuals with a very interesting adventure story and excellent gameplay. If you were not playing Bastion So far, try downloading it from your mobile phone right now. You will not regret!

Bastion Available for free for iOS devices.

Confused souls

Mixing elements of a series Devil Mechanics in the best Rogelite style! Confused souls Offers a 2D gaming experience from a camera perspective (as in the classic RPGs from the super Nintendo era. Confused souls Is the latest addition to our list and should be liked by fans of the genre with the right level of difficulty and many, many enemies to defeat through buttocks and buttocks.

Confused souls It is priced and has versions for iOS and Android.

Diablo Alternatives

Of course, there are other variants of the Blizzard series mobile game-like game on the market, including some that are still in the oven (such as the long-awaited The way of migration is mobile). Anyway, the nine games we’ve put out on this list are a great alternative for those who don’t want to (or for some reason can’t) play. Immortal Diablo On mobile.

No matter which one you choose, the main thing is to have a lot of fun on the screen of your smartphone and enjoy the best genre games available for your device!

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