8 Brazilian games for PC in 2022

Check out our list of some of Brazil’s games that have stood out in recent years

The Brazilian gaming market has grown a lot in recent years. A national survey of the gaming industry conducted and published recently by a hug (Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers), revealed an unprecedented map of Brazil’s electronic game development industry and positioned the country as an important hub for the sector in Latin America, as well as a source of talent for the global market.

With successful cases such as aquiris, wild nature, Koku and a treeWe have a growing interest in Brazilian games and studios that have surpassed the 1000 active studio mark today – not to mention solo developers.

And many of these games don’t require powerful hardware and can even be enjoyed on gaming notebooks like 2A.M Notebook E550gives positive, or even in more modest settings. “The Brazilian Games Experience is a great way to showcase our studios and strengthen the local industry“, says Samuel Roedeger, director of Positivo Tecnologia’s computer and consumer business.

Together with 2AM, I have created a list of some Brazilian games that have stood out in the world market, and this can be your next addiction in your PC gaming:

1. Legend of the relic hunters

Created by the studio Rogue SnailFrom Minas Gerais, game Legend of the Relic Hunters is a free RPG in the heist-shooter style, in which the gamer can customize his character and play in a team of four. With fast-paced gameplay, the title offers the player a series of equipment, abilities and cosmetic items, and his main mission is to save the galaxy from a terrible villain who stole the past. In the PC version, it supports 4K resolution and super widescreen, with unlocked frame rates and fully adjustable controls for greater comfort.

2. Horizon Chase Turbo

game Game Studio AquirisFrom Rio Grande do Sul, is an arcade-style racing title inspired by the great classics of the 1980s and 1990s. Horizon Chase Turbo Featuring split-screen multiplayer, reimagined 16-bit graphics and soundtracks by Barry Leitch, composer of the classic Top Gear. In addition, the player can switch to different modes such as Senna Semper, an expansion in which it is possible to experience historical moments in the career of Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, including racing cars and iconic teams from his trajectory; Challenger, which brings new tracks, higher difficulty and the ability to unlock more cars, and Legend, with a very high difficulty and the ability to unlock twelve tracks and eight cars.

You can read more about the game in our review here on Adrenaline.

3. Chroma Squad

O Chroma Squadgives Here are the studios, from Distrito Federal, is a tokusatsu-themed RPG game with an extremely fun story, in which the player has to manage an independent TV production company formed by former Sentai stuntmen that starts producing Power Rangers-style shows. In addition to hiring actors, determining costumes and the role of each performer in the series, the gamer must purchase recording equipment, choose the choreography of fights and moves for the characters, create episodes and complete seasons.

4. Invisible

developed Studio Pixel Punkfrom Santa Catarina, invisible is an action RPG game with Metroidvania elements that tells the story of Arcadia, a futuristic city destroyed by a war between humans and automatons. In this scenario, Anima, a resource that gives robots the ability to feel emotions, finishes and transforms the protagonist Alma’s friends into killing machines without the ability to reason – the Unsighted. Gamers have a huge map to explore, with many curiosities, shortcuts and equipment, and can dive into rich and varied combat, upgrade the main character from the upgrade tree and have fun in various game modes, including co-op.

5. Chrome shines

Another successful Brazilian game inspired by the classics of the Super Nintendo era polished chromegives JoyMasher, an independent studio in Paraná. The 2D action shooter features visuals and gameplay reminiscent of the classic Contra series titles, including gruesome action and support for two-player split-screen multiplayer. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have defeated humans and players must be part of the resistance by uniting against metallic enemies and freeing humanity from this threat.

And it also serves as a warm-up for the studio’s new title, Avenging Guardian: Moonrider, which brings the best elements of the classic action game to its design with the laser precision vision of your ninja, while maintaining combat flexibility, responsiveness and challenge. Powerful modifier chips are stored and hidden throughout the adventure, allowing the cyborg super soldier to customize his fighting style and gain killer advantages and abilities. The game’s beautifully dark world expertly recreates the 16-bit era with a combination of pixel art and sparkling audio, creating an intense challenge across eight deadly stages. Avenging Guardian: Moonrider brings top-notch fun with sophisticated platforming action for a precision experience that never lets go of your sword.

6. Phobia St. Dinfna Hotel

St. Phobia Dinfna Hotel There’s a lot of homage to survival horror classics like Resident Evil and quiet hill. Perhaps this is the game on the list that demands the most from your hardware. Featuring third-person gameplay and RTX implementation, the game features a well-crafted story, terrifying monsters, and a cult in the fictional town of Treze Trillas in the Santa Catarina countryside.

is developed Unreal engine for Pulsatrix StudiosI talked a little more about the game in my review on Adrenaline.

7. Dodgeball Academy

nice surprise Dodgeball AcademyFrom a Brazilian developer pocket trapIt gained popularity on several international sites and won many awards.

Dodgeball RPG, with its cartoon-style art, showed that Brazilians know how to innovate when it comes to infusing the game with innovative mechanics, funny storytelling and traditional elements.

8. Fists of rejection

Another outrageous addition to Brazil’s catalog of games, Fists of denialfrom the developer BrainDead BroccoliIt was financed by the campaign of St Catharsis And it proved that the Brazilian public is hungry for a good beat to call its own.

Satirical as only a game created by Brazilians can be, Fists of Repudio is a great critique of the obstacles we had to overcome during the Covid-19 pandemic. We faced denial, anti-vaccines, religious fanatics, and government supporters who said the coronavirus was just a little flu.

But Fists of Rejection goes beyond the social criticism and delivers a truly worthy game, with great characters, combos, and eye-catching design.


These are some of the Brazilian games that have stood out in recent months and made the Brazilian market richer and more attractive to players from around the world. Many of them have qualities that only Brazil could reproduce and, as I said at the beginning, they are affordable games with good values ​​- and this can be found in services such as Xbox Game Pass – and you can enjoy it on your powerful computer or a more modest notebook.

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