7 online games for PC for less than R$50

He likes it Online game Promotions and price adjustments are usually followed to buy heavy games at an affordable price. And if you have been waiting for such an opportunity, now is the time to check out some of the games offered by Nuuvem For less than $50.

O on the Nuuvem website It is already well-known in the market and in addition to bringing several releases, it also offers nostalgic and lesser-known games, often at a very affordable price, as in the list of 7 suggestions that we have for you.

Check out our recommendations:

street fighter vSource: Nuuvem/Reproduction

A good option for fans of online fighting games to enjoy all the confrontations street fighter v.

The game expands on everything seen in the previous version, especially with the characters and additional match mechanics. Thus, anyone who wants a good fighting experience, whether it’s against the computer or challenging a human opponent, should give the game a chance.

Devil May Cry 4: Special EditionDevil May Cry 4: Special EditionSource: Nuuvem/Reproduction

Well, we have another series from Capcom, this time more action-oriented. Taking control of one of five playable characters, you must go on a journey to find Dante and understand the true motives behind the actions of the Order of the Sword, which brings many mysteries to their attitudes.

In addition to the classic combos that the series is known for, this new edition brings new combat mechanics in addition to the ability to use the Devil Bringer Arm to make things even more fun.

Batman Arkham CityBatman Arkham CitySource: Nuuvem/Reproduction

Play as Batman in an action-packed adventure against iconic comic book villains.

With this package you get the main game at home and additional extras such as expansions Harley Quinn’s RevengeAdditional challenges and other content that will definitely pay off your investment.

door of deathdoor of deathSource: Nuuvem/Reproduction

Controlling the spades in this game that combines action and RPG elements, you must go in search of your guardian spirit (after all, the name door of death already reveals that you deal with death in your daily life) and that it was stolen by a mysterious being.

However, this journey will reveal many other things that will occupy your time and guarantee you entertainment, as well as interest in how the story unfolds.

Euro Truck Simulator 2Euro Truck Simulator 2Source: Nuuvem/Reproduction

One of the entries in the famous franchise, in which you simulate the life of a truck driver. Therefore, your goal Euro Truck Simulator 2 There will be several paths to take in different places, different objectives to be fulfilled and different landscapes to be enjoyed along the way.

Resident Villa 4Resident Villa 4Source: Nuuvem/Reproduction

Resident Villa 4 is another installment of the Capcom franchise (previously classified as a horror game) and features the famous character Leon Kennedy as the main protagonist. In the game, you have to go through a village under a mysterious threat, which makes the local people more aggressive than usual.

This is the HD version, expect improved graphics and a few other improvements that make this version the best for action fans and a little “zombie” killing.

moonlightmoonlightSource: Nuuvem/Reproduction

Finally, we close with this enjoyable RPG title with action elements, in which you control Will, a shop owner who dreams of becoming a hero one day.

It is as a result of one of his investigations that he ends up contacting some portals that can transport interested persons to different realms and dimensions. Thus, your mission will be to explore these places while taking care of your shop, selling items and completing various quests.

Did you like the online game instructions? Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

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