7 mobile games similar to Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Is an action game with RPG elements that is very successful all over the world. The game, developed by HoYoverse, draws attention with its very clean graphics, Japanese cartoon-inspired characters, highly inspired soundtrack, and high-quality duplication.

In addition to being available for PC and PlayStation 4, this title also has excellent performance on mobile phones and is also very popular with gamers who usually enjoy playing games on their smartphone or tablet.

Games similar to Genshin Impact for mobile gaming

HoYoverse’s game is not the only one that stands out in the mobile world. On the contrary: there are many cool games that you can play on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Today we are going to list seven game elements and gameplay that fans should like Genshin.

Honkai Impact 3rd

If Genshin Impact The action takes place in the fantastic world of the Middle Ages, Honkai Impact 3rd Is the equivalent of his science fiction. The games are practically “brothers”, both are products of HoYoverse (formerly MiHoYo) Studio and contain some very similar features.

Thus Genshin, Honkai He has a very rich cast, full of charismatic characters, as well as a similar Gacha system. In addition to being available for PC, the action game has versions for Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

While it is a strategic RPG, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Definitely should appeal to those who like HoYoverse adventure game. Like other games in the series Final fantasyOf which Brave Exus Is a spin-off, the story of the game is well designed and follows a lot of interesting characters. Perhaps the downside is the rotation-based combat system, which slows down the game slightly.

Free, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius It also has a Gacha system and has versions for iOS and Android.

Wind Tales

With almost a hundred characters locked in Gacha’s system, Wind Tales Is an action MMORPG with stunning graphics in over 20 different game modes, including PVP and Guild battles. The game has scenes in the best anime style and the characters are voiced by a very competent team.

Wind Tales It is free (but offers microtransaction) and has versions for Android and iOS.

Raid of the King

One of the biggest drawbacks of gacha games is the ability to unlock characters, right? Be well aware that this is not a problem Raid of the King, A mobile RPG from Vespa Studio. Here players get the best characters pretty quickly, but since there is no “free lunch” there is a catch: the items and equipment to use on your team are the scarce.

Raid of the King It is free and has versions for iOS and Android.

Tower of Fantasy

If they say so Genshin Impact Is a descendant The legend Zelda: Wild breath, Tower of Fantasy Promises to be the equivalent of the HoYoverse game. The game already shows eye-catching visuals and the action gameplay with the open world RPG elements is quite similar Genshin – which should be an additional attraction for those looking for a similar experience.

Tower of Fantasy It has not been released yet but will be free and will have versions for iOS and Android.

Bleach: Brave Souls

Inspired by the hit anime and manga BleachingWhose story is adapted, Gacha Bleach: Brave Souls Is an adventure action mobile game produced by KLabGames. The game has RPG elements and several different modes including PVP arenas for 3-player teams to compete against each other.

Free, Bleach: Brave Souls Offers in-app purchases and has versions for Android and iOS.

Fire Emblem characters

Developed by Nintendo, Fire Emblem characters Is a mobile gacha with strategic RPG gameplay. The game is free to play and contains lots of characters, mechanics and other elements from the main series that can be seen on the Big N consoles and gadgets.

Fire Emblem characters Offers optional microtransactions and has versions for iOS and Android.

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