7 improvements we want in EA’s new game

The EA Sports FC era will begin after FIFA 23. Electronic Arts and FIFA have chosen to end their 30-year partnership and each company will go its own way. As the publisher has shown that moving will bring greater creative freedom, big news may come in the future.

In addition to maintaining the success of recent years, the community is already thinking about licensing and possible improvements to the gameplay and other aspects of the game. After all, the publisher currently cares about the biggest football game on the market.

With that in mind, the MeuPlayStation team has created a list of improvements we want to see at EA Sports FC. Whether you are a long time fan or a novice franchisee, you need to name a few points below. Check:

More freedom in career mode

Even in FIFA 10, players could have a greater impact on the club’s finances in their career mode. It was possible to choose sponsors, ticket prices and have more influence in other sectors of the team. Currently, even with the evolution of the franchise, this is not available.

FIFA 22 Career Mode

Negotiations at FIFA 22 are more realistic and coaches even gather to discuss transfers, although many factors seem to be stuck. It would be a good idea to give the public more control over the above aspects when EA Sports FC is among us.

Return of Brazilian teams

Negotiations over image rights have excluded Brazilian athletes from the FIFA series. After FIFA 14, it is impossible to play with all the teams of the Brazilian championship and their official teams, and recently even the Brazilian national team has suffered.

External image of an article by Brazilian clubs in FIFA 22 generics with the Brazilian team also with generic players

With the advent of EA Sports FC, the landscape is not changing much. Several clubs are sponsored or exclusive to Konami, i.e., if CONMEBOL does not win this right over athletes in international competitions, it will be difficult to count on 1st and 2nd Division authentic teams.


Some leagues and several clubs have already expressed support since the day EA Sports FC was announced, but there are still expectations for game licenses. We hope that the players and clubs that are currently in the “game” and they will come even more – not just the Brazilians.

Keep the game balanced after the first day of the patch

EA Sports has a serious balance problem. FIFA 22 turned out to be one of the best in the franchise from the beginning, but what we feared the most and mentioned in our review happened:

We just hope the update does not change everything as it did before.

This update came and the basic features of the game were lost from the beginning and it was not a reality found after many patches, no. The game, released in late September, already had a completely different gameplay in November.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles (2)

Anyway, we hope that with EA Sports FC, this will not happen and the game will live up to expectations – both from the public and the publisher.

The final team is even fairer

EA has managed to deliver several ways to get the best Ultimate Team cards without investing absurd time or real money in FIFA. The number of packages offered at the end of the challenges currently gives the clubs the resources they need.

Capu's icon in FIFA 22

After the resilience of the athletes ceased to exist by spending the cards and their recovery became automatic after the matches, the overall experience at UT was greatly improved. However better conditions can still be provided.

The number of exploits used by the public was alarming at the start of FIFA, but EA immediately addressed most of them. At EA Sports FC, if such measures continue, the publisher can delight an even larger audience with a proposal to create their own Dream team.

Improvements to Pro Clubs mode

The Pro Clubs mode does not receive proper treatment from EA – and it seems it should stay that way for a long time. Over the last few years, small improvements such as preparing to build for more positions and creating your own uniform have been excellent, however, other aspects still leave much to be desired.

Cover image of FIFA 22 Pro Clubs with multi-player profile

Goalkeeper control has deteriorated since FIFA 20, uniforms continue to provoke conflict, even as captains choose different colors before matches, and mode has become a playing field for avatars with less than 1.68. Too bad, huh?

Changes such as the availability of seats, improved communication between teams, and possibly even competitions along the FUT Champions line, are reassuring to the public for fun with friends.

Maybe things will not improve with EA Sports FC, right?

Return from the Creative Center

Up to FIFA 12 the public had access to the creation center. There it was possible to share players and custom teams, download them in-game and enjoy offline games. The content edited by the fans has disappeared after editing.

Because the publisher is aiming to bring news to EA Sports FC, reviewing the franchise’s past is not a bad idea. Similar resources are lacking, mainly due to the absence of Brazilian clubs and the not-so-routine – but effective – updating of team teams and athletes.

Evaluation of offline modes

Ultimate Team mode stole the show, that’s for sure. However, after the launch of Alex Hunter’s campaign and career innovations, little has been done to improve the gaming experience for those who still prefer fun offline.

Alex Hunter FIFA 19

Despite the forced relationship with UT and Career Mode in previous editions – Do you remember the account levels that have now become targets? – The advent of EA Sports FC could bring news to this non-multiplayer audience.

To EA Sports FC, the publisher promised FIFA 23 “more than ever.” Maybe part of the news that will appear in the new game will not be its debut in the next edition, right? Until then we wait. Learn more about EA Sports FC here!

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