7 FPS platform game that deserves more attention

Without a doubt, the FPS (first-person shooter) genre is one of the most popular in the gaming world. First-person shooters strive for greater immersion of the player and a wide and optimized view of the environment around the controlled character.

The first game that can really be classified as an FPS is “Wolfenstein 3D”, from 1992, which revolutionized the industry in terms of gameplay and graphics and met the trends of the time. A few years later, titles like “DOOM” and “Half-Life” were essential in consolidating the first-person shooter market.


Currently, FPS games are the most famous in the gaming community, and franchises such as “Call of Duty”, “Valorant” and “Counter-Strike” influence the construction and development of other titles, especially in multiplayer. In addition, games of this genre have a strong presence on mobile devices, which is the most profitable format in the industry at the moment.

A platform that offers a good selection of FPS games is Steam, where we have some really cool titles in the genre that haven’t caught the public’s attention yet. Check out the list of seven first-person shooters on Steam!


Recently released, the FPS “ADACA” brings a character stranded on an unknown planet called ADACA. Using supplies, weapons, and gravity manipulation skills, players must seek survival in this world and unlock the secrets of the place.


“Animalistic” is another recent release from the platform. The game is an indie FPS in which the character comes face to face with animals mixed with human forms – something scary. In addition to the psychedelic elements, the game brings an interesting art style and personalized soundtracks.

Night hunting

This FPS is a 3v3 multiplayer horror game in which the player controls a teenager and must fight, run and hide from other teenagers to survive the battles. In “Night Hunt”, one team will try to protect the radio antenna on the base, while the other team will attack the base to steal the device.

Ctrl Alt Ego

“Ctrl Alt Ego” brings an unusual narrative in which players must transfer their consciousness between devices and robots in order to progress through the story. The game’s non-linear world allows exploring locations to generate several different situations. This is an FPS game that combines elements of action and science fiction.

Project Warlock II

Here’s an FPS game that simulates the experience of first-person titles from the 90s. “Project Warlock II” is inspired by the great classics of this genre, such as “DOOM” and “Quake”, in addition to bringing multiplayer gameplay with it. Retro look. The game is a great experience for those more nostalgic players.

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Blood and zombies

Games with a zombie apocalypse narrative have also gained popularity in recent years, as has FPS. “Blood and Zombies” is a first-person game in the style of “Left 4 Dead” and its gameplay is very similar to other shooting games that combine attacks against zombies. The title also offers an online co-op mode.

aliens vs. Ghosts

“Aliens vs. Ghosts” is an FPS that combines a neon visual style with science fiction mechanics. The player must be quick and dynamic in exchanging weapons, trying to defeat the hordes of ghosts trying to prevent their invasion of planet earth with unique skills.

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