7 best World Cup games

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is here and the event, which is one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world, also has its own history in games. The partnership between FIFA and EA goes back years, and here’s a look back at some of the best games to commemorate the occasion, even when the game wasn’t developed by the popular publisher currently responsible for the soccer title.

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (Xbox 360/PS2/PS3/Gamecube)

The 2006 World Cup game was released by EA at a time when Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was dominating the sports gaming scene. In addition, the game had a problematic arrival due to the fact that the game has two different versions. Due to the launch of the PS3, EA needed two games, one for the older PS2 generation and one for the new generation.

EA Sports

World Cup USA 94 (Sega Mega Drive/SNES)

Image from the 1994 World Cup game

The 1994 World Cup game, developed by USGold, does not benefit from as much innovation as compared to the previous version, which was released in 1990. The perspective showed the players from above and even had a dedicated window for referee communication.

US gold

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (Xbox 360/PS3)

Image of the 2014 World Cup game

This, being one of the latest World Cup games, did not make much difference compared to FIFA 14. It’s practically the same game. Additionally, at that time, EA decided not to outsource game development to the new generation of consoles, in this case PS4 and Xbox One, but game modes such as Road to Rio and Online Disputes were different.

EA Sports


Figure 18 of FIFA World Cup Modes

FIFA 18 marked the first edition of the World Cup without a stand-alone game. From the Russian Cup, the event became FIFA’s only DLC later that year, with separate game modes, online and content, as well as the already flagship FIFA Ultimate Team.

EA Sports

FIFA World Cup Italia ’90 (Sega Mega Drive)

Image from the 1990 World Cup game

The game, which celebrates the World Cup in Italy, was one of the most popular on this list, as it was accompanied by mega drive packs for many players. Unlike the 94 title, this one is remembered by the public for bringing news. Also produced by USGold, the game has press conferences and even animations to celebrate goals.

US gold

FIFA World Cup France 98 (Playstation/Nintendo 64)

Image from the 1998 World Cup game

Already released first for the PlayStation and also for the Nintendo 64, the game was rendered in 3D graphics using the same FIFA 98 engine with interesting details such as match awards and the like.

EA Sports

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa – Xbox 360/PS3/Wii

Image of the 2010 World Cup game

For many, the best World Cup game by EA is the one celebrating the 2010 edition in South Africa. With 199 teams from the qualifiers, all ten stadiums and even the hit Wavin Flag soundtrack to play, the game brought differentiated content such as the ability to play specific World Cup moments.

EA Sports

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