7 best gaming accessories deals

Amazon’s Prime Day discount event takes place on July 12 and 13, and as usual, various gaming accessories are part of the sale. In addition to consoles, games and headsets, several chairs, semi-professional microphones, mouse pads and monitors are discounted.

Offers are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers. Those who do not subscribe to the service can sign up and test it for 30 days for free. During this period, you will have access to all discounts and subscriber benefits, such as free shipping in Brazil on various purchases and the Prime Video catalog of movies and series. After the trial period, R$ 14.90 is charged per month.

With values ​​ranging from R$24 to R$2,300, check out the best Prime Day 2022 deals on gaming accessories below:

1. ELG Racing gaming chair

Gamer Racing ELG Chair

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Price: 634.67 BRL (40% discount)

This ELG model is designed to mimic the ergonomic design of sports car seats to provide maximum comfort for those who spend many hours sitting. Its synthetic leather material has a reinforced base that can hold up to 130 kg. Black and red, the seat also allows for height adjustment, a fixed backrest, cervical support and a reclining backrest.

2. PCYES Mad Gamer gaming chair

MadRacer PCYes Gaming Chair - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 2299 BRL (40% discount)

For those looking for a more adjustable gaming chair, PCYES’ black Mad Gamer model is also 40% off this Prime Day. In addition to having removable back and head/neck pads, there is also a footrest, in case the player prefers more stretch while playing. Its inclination reaches 135º and the chair has height adjustment for both the seat and the seats, which also have tilt adjustment to ensure more comfort in all positions. The maximum weight of the model is 180 kg.

3. Adamantium Aegir gaming mouse

Adamantium Aegir Gaming Mouse - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 34.99 BRL (35% discount)

Mousepads are essential accessories for PC gamers, and this Adamantium model is 35% off on Prime Day. Completely black, its base and finish are in microfiber, which makes the movement of the mouse smoother and more comfortable in the hand of the gamer. Its weight and rubber bottom base ensure it does not slide on the table.

4. Warrior gaming mouse

Warrior gamer mousepad - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 33.39 BRL (24% discount)

Those who like more colorful mouse pads will love this Warrior model, which comes in 3 color options (blue, green and red). Its rubber sole prevents it from slipping, and the woven fiber fabric makes mouse movements more flexible and light. When storing it, the gamer can fold the mouse pad without thinking because its material is flexible and does not get damaged even when folded.

5. HyperX QuadCast gaming microphone

HyperX QuadCast Gaming Microphone - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 699 BRL (17% discount)

A darling of streamers, QuadCast has won over the gaming audience with its professional look and quality. It can be muted or turned off with just one touch, and the anti-vibration base prevents noise while the built-in filter makes the sound clearer. With 4 polar patterns, users can choose the best option for their broadcast. It’s still compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4, and it’s also certified by Discord and TeamSpeak for its quality.

6. Acer 23.8″ monitor

Acer 23.8 monitor
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Price: 1098 BRL (15% discount)

For those looking for a new monitor for gaming, this Acer model is the most affordable on Prime Day. 23.8″ is an ideal size, especially for PC gamers, but is compatible with various platforms with its two HDMI inputs. Its refresh rate reaches up to 165 Hz, which allows for faster transfer of game images. Smooth, clear and lag-free ZeroFrame design that eliminates Almost every edge makes the gaming experience more immersive.

7. PlayStation PCYes gaming chair

Playstation PCYes Gaming Chair - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 1338 BRL (13% discount)

This one’s for Sony fans: the PCYES chair model, which is 13% off, pays homage to the PS5’s visuals with its black and white accents. With padding and straps that can be adjusted in both height and angle, the model is designed mainly for those who spend many hours in front of a video game. It reclines up to 135º and has a footrest, in addition to supporting up to 120 kg. The seat also has back and neck cushions that can be removed at any time.

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