7 best games this weekend

The weekend is coming and everyone is thinking about only one thing: sit on the couch or in front of the computer and play that video game. And as the range of games available is immeasurable, voxel Decided to help you on your mission to choose which title to enjoy.

We’ve selected PC and console games that were launched this week or are available in stores at reasonable prices. Check out the following 7 best games of the weekend.


With the premise of putting the player in a big time loop until they learn how to kill enemies, deathloop This is an action FPS that has attracted a lot of attention. Winner of more than 300 awards, it stands out for its originality and fun (yet mysterious) stories.

Deathloop is on this list because it hit the market this week with two major game subscription services. Those who subscribe to both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass can now enjoy the game without paying a penny more.

The last among them

There is no time or place to specify The last among them For those who haven’t played the game yet. However, it’s an exciting time to try this masterpiece again (or for the first time).

The action/adventure/survival title marks next Monday (26) as the last show day. In the story of the game, on September 26, a Cordyceps fungal infection gets out of control and the infected begin to multiply in the cities. In addition to a date to remember at SP, HBO has yet to reveal news about the adapted series. So here’s a tip for those who want to join the hype.


It’s a timeless classic that doesn’t even need to be praised because it’s practically unanimous among those who love electronic games. This time we remind you that Nvidia announced this week portal It will get a version with Ray Tracing and DLSS soon.

In other words, what was already good will become even better. The video released by the company shows better lighting, higher resolution scenes and more realistic shadows. Let’s start warming up portal Best quality ever seen?


The worst news this week was the leak of dozens of videos and pictures from the next one GTA. The files allegedly confirmed the first woman as the game’s main character, and while it’s unfortunate for the industry as it has disrupted the work of hundreds of people over the years, it left many with a taste of what’s to come.

as GTA 6 With no release date and no hints as to when it will receive official information, players can enjoy and replay JTA 5. The game continues to sell like water, proving that despite the controversy, Rockstar continues to deliver an unforgettable experience for players.

sea ​​of ​​thieves

Microsoft’s game launched in 2018 with a lot of skepticism and a relatively small audience. However, over the years, rare professionals have bet on the idea and have been rewarded with exponential growth in players.

With constant updates and even mashups of franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, sea ​​of ​​thieves It has a very captive audience and makes for good hours of online entertainment.

Devil May Cry 5

The fifth game in the numbered Demon Hunter series follows Nero, Dante and V on their quest to stop King Urizen from destroying the human world. With generally positive reviews, the title drew attention for its visuals and highly entertaining combat.

Devil May Cry 5 is a crazy hack n’ slash perfect for those who like to create the most modern combinations that combine magic, swords and firearms.


The final title in our list of games of the weekend follows the high quality of the others. Hades It almost took Game of the Year at The Game Awards, but it’s still on a lot of people’s minds.

Based on Greek mythology, the cheat focuses on the art direction and the replay factor, because it’s very addictive (and a little frustrating) to go through the chambers and learn and correct your mistakes in order to move forward without dying. This game closes the list with a golden key.

Before we say goodbye, it’s important to remember that game Devil May Cry 5, Portal, Hades and sea ​​of ​​thieves It costs less than R$50 in virtual stores like Steam and Nuuvem. In other words, this is a good opportunity to spend the R$ 25 and R$ 50 coupons that PayPal is giving away for free until September 30.

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