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O A big festivalOne of Brazil’s premier independent gaming festivals has returned to a physical format in 2022. This time the event is held in the pavilions. Sao Paulo ExpoSame staff as CCXPAnd this year brings one of the best Compositions Brazilian indie games from publishing history.

As far as the event has stations Xbox, Game station and Nintendo SwitchIndia is still the soul of BIG and a tour of the excellent showcase of Brazilian projects is a must. What the developers told him It exploded!The period of pandemic and social distancing brought greater polish and more realistic goals to national projects. The games are smaller, yes, but they make up for it with a very high quality and finish, which is nothing short of international artwork.

Are you planning to visit the festival and have time? Staying at home and wanting to get a taste of the great wave of national games coming out in the coming years? Below are five must-see games to enjoy and discover at BIG Festival 2022!

wind runner

Staff table Ludic Studios It is decorated with a banner Kate: Collateral damageThe game was developed and released in 2021 to promote the movie Netflix in the main role Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But developers took advantage of the event to test the waters for another project called wind runner.

From a distance, the spaceship gameplay draws attention with colorful scenarios and a perfect combination of pixel art with 3D, which only adds more life to the battles. The objectives are simple – destroy all enemies in the scenario – but the gameplay is just the right amount of challenge, with a surprising range of maneuvering options and weapons to hunt down rival ships in the air.

The game is very reminiscent of highly addictive LuftrausersPosted by ………… Digital return 2014 and it has everything to be our next obsession, always trying to master its control and air.


This is one of the best demonstrations of the event. bloodless Takes on a premise inspired by samurai manga, but with an important difference: it’s the story of a ronin with a bloody past who has sworn never to use violence again.

Still, the game is pretty intense, as Ronin Tomoe must fight other samurai and armed opponents using only non-lethal strikes and counterattacks. You need to know how to move well through the scenarios and get the time to avoid, protect and disarm the relentless enemies.

bloodless It features understated visuals but highly detailed animations, surprisingly responsive dialogue, and mechanics that look like they’ll take some work to master. Developers at the event Point N’ Sheepfrom Recife, said they even had to postpone the demonstration because they accidentally ended up with something too complicated for the fairgrounds.

Pocket Courage

The beauty of the BIG Festival 2022 game selection is the sheer variety of styles and genres. Strolling through the Brazilian games section means seeing a little bit of everything, including a promising fighting game Pocket Courage.

With anime inspired characters like dragon ballThe game brings mechanics there Street Fighter Ridiculously polished and fluid. The fighting is intense and there are all the kinds of characters you’d expect from a blockbuster – power-ups, grapplers, boxers, etc.

Normally, indie developers don’t make this many fighting games because the balance is a bit hellish to care about, but Statera Studio Apparently he took it literally – even though they admitted it It exploded! who also work hard to ensure a fair, balanced and competitive experience.

We sat down with one of the developers and were impressed by the great mechanics, charismatic actors with good animations, and real-world inspired scenarios like a sunny afternoon in Porto, Portugal, the streets of Japan. And also the stages of the Treta Championship in Curitiba. Pocket Courage It has everything to become a phenomenon among fighting game fans, including a story mode and the return of an online network, which ensures fair and immediate matches even over the Internet.

Astraea: the six-sided oracles

Perhaps the most impressive demo of the entire event, Astraea is one of the most unique games shown at BIG Festival 2022. Created by the team: Little lion gamesis a dice rolling combat game with very interesting good vs evil conflict mechanics.

In a world where these forces collide, the player needs to cleanse the corrupt entities that, in turn, try to corrupt the hero. An attack is a series of effects randomly drawn on a six-sided die that can have the effects of purification or corruption. With a limited number of moves per turn, each hand requires multiple strategic decisions about when to attack, when to defend, and when to break to open up new opportunities.

gameplay Astraea It’s a complex war where you have to give blood to get blood – but you always try to anticipate the enemy’s bad luck and movements so that you don’t bleed to death. The demo presents a very interesting fantasy and flawless visuals that remember something child of lightAnd it impresses with the amount of content.

under the bass

developer Thiago Oliveirafrom Maranhao, has already shown his strength with the greats Red Ronin. Now he’s back with another highly addictive experience that’s officially out: under the bass.

that Fraudulent Brings a macabre look, as well as exploring tombs full of corpses and monsters, and your character has only three abilities: jump forward, jump and throw a sword. All three can be used offensively or defensively, and each turn—movement or attack—results in action on the enemy side.

It may seem simple at first glance, but it is an incredibly difficult game to master. It’s easy to make mistakes and find yourself surrounded by zombies draining your life points or else your action points just to escape. But nothing beats the satisfaction of slashing through a row of enemies in a single action. At the event, it was possible to see that the community felt the challenge under the bassTake advantage of the short moments of the demonstration to try to go further and spend less trouble on the battlefield.

under the bass is scheduled for release July 13 on the computer.

Knights of the Deep

Games with local multiplayer are always a great choice for events. Not only is it nice to have a few cons with friends, it’s also a good opportunity to challenge and have fun with strangers. in this regard, Knights of the Deep is one of the best titles presented at a major festival.

An absolutely strange mix of games, the game has a chaotic dynamic Super Smash Bros.Gameplay developed by dark soulsUp to 64 player capacity there battle royale… and features lobsters.

Can be used in eight players, Chaos Knights of the Deep provides some of the best moments of the event. It is very unusual to look on the screen and see a huge arena of giant lobsters coming out holding hands, exchanging pins and attacking each other with Thor-like lamps or hammers. It’s only worth mentioning on the list because it’s a split-screen game, a rarity in the age of online-only games, but the game won us over with its weird crustacean.

Honorable mentions

Six games aren’t enough to showcase the greatness of the titles on display at BIG Festival 2022, so it’s worth mentioning a few more demos that caught our eye. horror The devil within usComing to PC in October 2021, it piqued our morbid curiosity and put us in the role of an exorcist – with a great voice. Lauro Fabianobrazilian voice Albus Dumbledore in the franchise Harry Potter.

Sasa: ​​Danger has a microphoneTCC project of one of the developers Estat Studiois one of the most charismatic games exhibited, a they beat As a children’s show host who needs to save his stage. Imagine Xuxa Punks and clowns are getting down (and on the mic) on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and it’s impossible not to have a game of it – especially with a great line inspired by classic paintings. Hanna Barbera. The gameplay is still being polished, but the humor and visuals already deserve your attention.

Another game with the boys is fun PiraCrash. Developed by one person in Unreal Engine, the game features various mini-games that pit rubber ducks against each other in intense battles. Not enough is the fierce dispute we had with another visitor, one of the developers Madmoser We also introduced a single player mode in which the best cup headYou have to face a series of bosses with lots of dodges and attacks with precise timing.

We remind you that the big festival is held before July 10 More information on Expo Sao Paulo can be found on the event’s official website.

If you’re going to visit the event, I recommend getting lost in the Brazilian indie games section and talking to the developers, you’re sure to leave with a great list of games to keep an eye on!

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