6 free games this weekend

Happiness is in the air as another week ends and the holiday season approaches. and as you already know voxel Prepared a special list of free games for you.

The list, as always, is very diverse, with several genres and platforms. Check it out below 6 free PC, console and mobile games to play on weekends.

1. Humanity

  • platforms: PRAÇA;
  • where to download: steam;
  • plot: The strategy game forces the player to rewrite the course of humanity, changing the cultural, historical and value aspects of humanity. Humankind is free on Steam until next Monday (10).

2. Dota 2

  • platforms: PRAÇA;
  • where to download: steam;
  • plot: Moba is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world and has tens of thousands of players. The title is distinguished by constant updates of mechanics, resources and free heroes.

3. Gwent: The Witcher card game

  • platforms: computer and mobile (iOS and Android);
  • where to download: Official website, Steam, App Store and Play Store;
  • plot: The card game, based on The Witcher universe, combines the CCG and TCG genres, pitting players in fast-paced online PvP duels that combine bluffing, real-time decisions, and deck building.

4. PUBG Battlegrounds

  • platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and mobile;
  • where to download: Epic Games Store;
  • plot: The battle royale that popularized the genre has been free-to-play for some time and can be enjoyed on consoles, PCs and also in the mobile version. Meet dozens of players to try to survive in a brutal shootout scenario.

5. Hell Rising

  • platforms: PRAÇA;
  • where to download: Epic Games Store;
  • plot: This is an action-packed roguelike vertical platformer with pulsing adrenaline and tons of gothic heavy metal bits. The game is free on the Epic Games Store until October 13th, and once placed in the library, it will be available forever.

6. Killed: From the Black Hell

  • platforms: PRAÇA;
  • where to download: Riot Games;
  • plot: The title is an arcade battle with heavy metal inspiration, puzzle elements and “give and sell blood”. This is another free game from the Epic Games Store that can be used until October 13th.

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