6 Brazilian games since the first day of BGS


as it is BGS Synonymous with Indie Runner pro flight control, I’m going to list six Brazilian games of the day that are featured on the fair floor that you should know. It can be alpha, beta, demo or full game, if it’s an indie br, Controls will play.

Every year, the corridor for independent games remains largely unmarked and hard to find. For those who want to play and chat with Brazilian developers, look no further redragon and an aquarium BGS Jam Where in that little girl you will already see the scary red clown from the game in parallel. Well, there are Indian games in this corridor, with about forty booths of the most varied titles.

St. Phobia Hotel Dinfna (Pulsatrix Studio)

Probably the biggest Brazilian launch in 2022, phobia There is a huge stand at BGS, separate from the indie aisle. Inspired by Resident Evil and The Medium, the horror game set in the mysterious city of Santa Catarina is sure to attract plenty of viewers over the five days of the fair, so if you get a chance to play this instant classic, don’t miss it.

Check out our episode with the developers of Pulsatrix to learn more about the game and learn about the future of this new Brazilian horror franchise.

Donut Arena (Mario Ariano)

Solodev brings Mario Ariano to Donut Arena BGS, an addictive and endless cheat where you control a naked gladiator and need to brutally kill your opponents as fast (or as smartly) as possible to win donuts from the spoiled audience and earn new items and powers. The game has great pace and pixel art, fun and brutal at the same time.

After developing Donut Arena for five years, Mario has placed prizes in his little cabin in the indie corridor for whoever can break the event’s scoring record. Donut Arena is now fully available on Steam for $5.99.

Space Chefs (Luski Game Studio)

A perfect cross between Overcooked and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Space Chefs is a 3D game where four players must play together to cook alien recipes for alien customers. A lot of fun, the game requires the team to speak and understand recipes in a foreign language to get specific requests from the kitchen.

After some more tweaks and testing at BGS, the developers should release a playable demo on Steam in late 2022 and early 2023.

Flunky Farm is a fun arena and monster game developed by Vneta Games Studio

Flunky Farm is a fun arena and monster game developed by Vneta Games Studio

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A fast and addictive game in an open arena where you need to take down 29 other players. In the Flunky Farm demo at BGS, you can play with three different dolls: a ninja cat that flies, a dinosaur that turns invisible and bites, and a green troll (and lots of cute ones).

This demo was made in 45 days by Vneta developers specifically for BGS. The game is at the beginning of the Indie Corridor and you can get stickers and leave your name engraved on the tables.

Broken Halo is one of four games featured by Lumo

Broken Halo is one of four games featured by Lumo

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Lumo Entertainment took three or four different titles to BGS and the first one I played was A Broken Halo, which is still in development. It’s a puzzle game in which you control an angel who has lost his halo, power and memory and must activate and deactivate barriers to the end of this almost ‘maze’, passing various enemies without getting killed. .

This is a very complete demo with about thirty levels and completing this challenge will give you some very cool letters from the game. Fractured Halo promises two more worlds with unlockable powers and battles, I’m curious to see that in full.

Champion’s Fist (Cyber ​​Capybara)

Fist of the Champion is a 3D beat’em up reminiscent of Jackie Chan Stunt Masters with improved graphics. The game has been in development for two years and has interesting textures and a combat system based on punch and kick combinations (left and right mouse buttons). The game will have different types of puppets and fighting styles and will be played in different phase schemes.

According to the developers, the game is 70% ready and will take another year to develop.


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