6 Brazilian games from day three of BGS


as it is Brazilian game show Synonymous with Indie Pavilion pro flight control, here I am listing some Brazilian games that are featured in the fair for you to know and visit. It can be alpha, beta, demo or full game, if it’s indie with br (or with br), the controls will play.

The third day of BGS had two completely different deck builders: one where God is dead and another where you literally play Gods, a complex schmapp waifu, a classic RPG inspired by Zeldinha and Chrono Trigger, one of the best 3D platformers. The world, the relevance, and the first virtual reality game I’ve ever played.

Raccoo Venture (Diego Russ)

One of the best Brazilian indie games on the web, Raccoo Venture has been out for a while now, but is at BGS at the booth of QUByte Interactive, a wonderful Brazilian publisher responsible for developing, publishing and porting several titles in recent years. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to bump into Diego wandering around the fair, but it’s going to happen.

Raccoo is a 3D platform game inspired by classics like Spyro, Mario, my favorite Klonoa and especially Banjo-Kazooie. There are many puzzles, hidden secrets, different skills and very cool outfits for our dear raccoon and his pigeon companion to fight against tattooed armadillos. This is a must play game on BRundle, steam, along with Karma City Police, Be Hero and Tropicalia.

Shattered Paradise (Leonardo Interactive)

Shattered Heaven is an Italian game that combines deck building with turn-based combat and beautiful art and tracks. God was at the core and the world is doomed to eternal damnation at the hands of heavy demons. You command three warriors with different powers and you have to go through the dungeons in the big tower to defeat these guys in all the greatest Slay the Empire and Darkest Dungeon style.

Basically, like all deck builders, Shattered Heaven is heavy as hell. The game has high deck customization and many possible combinations to deal with enemies and combo skills to deal great damage. Choices are also important and lead to different narrative lines. The art is very heavy and dramatic, like a good Renaissance painting.

Fortune Cards (United Games)

My first VR experience was really cool. Cards of Destiny isn’t United’s flagship game at BGS, but it’s a great gateway to using the Oculus. You sit down on a bench and see a board in front of you with a city and some giant spiders. The game screen shows you how many people you need to save and you have three cards/abilities to make sure the exact number of people make it to the shelter. Saving fewer people loses you, but so does saving more people.

And you can do this by hammering alien spiders (or human remains), freezing these aliens so that the little people can escape or just randomly killing some creatures on the board. It was a very fun and challenging puzzle, and a careful introduction to the world of virtual reality (I left BGS with no sense of self and a headache playing any heist shooter with crazy movement).

The game was created in seven days (or something like that) and is ranked second in VR Jam. I hope the project moves forward and introduces more different card combinations and possibilities to the board.

Alpha Blue (Dream Stories)

I’m pretty terrible at shooting and I’ve said it here a few times – just to be clear. Alpha Blue is a game with a short development time, but you can already see its insane potential. The game has the traditional hell of a side-progressing hell, with retro graphics and tracks, where you command an unremarkable android on a mission to defeat the evil race of the Pleiadians.

There are several weapons and many asteroids floating around the screen, meaning you have to constantly dodge them all. As seems to be somewhat typical of Dream Stories, the android is AB and the villain of the game Waifu material In the middle of the word and a full plate for the otaku gacheiro.

Aria’s Melody (Pixel Game Studio)

Another game that also does the trick in QUByte is Aria’s Melody. The most classic RPG possible, inspired by Zeldinha, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, the game started in RPG Maker and now its entire project is being ported to Unity. I’ve already had a chance to interview Israel, the developer of Aria’s, and this episode will be up soon on the Flying Controls podcast.

Aria’s Melody has everything pixelated RPG fans love: magic, family silliness, real-time battles, battle kingdoms, family shenanigans, and one of those 16-bit tracks that makes us want to fire up the Super Nintendo emulator again to play it all over again Chrono.

Kamigami: Clash of the Gods (Dream Stories)

The second Dream Stories game on this list, and the second deck builder as well. Following the pattern set by both announcements so far, Kamigami is full of pretty waifs and hummus, and also very challenging.

The game combines mythological deities from several different pantheons and has a different board that ends up mixing chess/chess with a card game. All cards are revealed during the game, without taking an extra baby out of your pocket to make the deck more attractive to your game – no card is worse than another, it’s all about combos and dueling situations. The game has an offline campaign mode where you can play the story with a visual novel feel and a competitive mode to give your friends a break.


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