5 Tips to Get Started in Dislyte, the new RPG phenomenon of the moment

Dislyte offers players a rich and varied world that can sometimes cost you so much in game mode. Therefore, we offer Our 5 tips to help you get started Properly in the game. Check it out!

Dislyte – Tip 1: Renew Your Farmer

The first thing to do when starting this type of gacha is to find and Increase the level of your character that you use for farming. In Dislyte you will be lucky that you do not need to search for him or wait for him to call, as the game offers.

დReally, Slave This is the first 4 stars That you get and can be very useful for the farm because it has two attacks that affect all enemies. In addition, Artemis can coup if she commits suicide with her basic abilities.

Thus, Flow Esper can quickly complete entire enemy teams, not needing other characters on your team to be strong. This is a good way to raise the level of Esperes without spending any time experimenting.

Slave is a powerful spear with good attacks that hit many enemies.

Dislyte – Tip 2: Manage your relics well

To build spears, you must equip them with relics. Relics are found on a variety of rare occasions, so do not arrange them randomly, though it is tempting. Here are some tips for managing your relics well:

  • Strengthen your relics only up to a certain point (for example, in our case we do this: one star equals +3, two stars equals +6 …);
  • Give preference to relics with the most basic used options;
  • In addition to speed, avoid flat statistics like ATQ + X or DEF + Y. Try to focus on interest. This applies more to highly updated relics as well as well-enhanced characters.

Dislyete – Tip 3: Focus on missions and story mode

The story and available missions are meant to follow a certain course of action. So start with that when you go to Dislyte. This advice will also help you build your farm as well as earn many rewards.

  • Continue the story until you reach at least Chapter 9 to get a set of Hades relics;
  • Perform growth plan missions (basic);
  • Do the daily quest as often as possible.
Dislyte: Focus on story mode to increase your Espers - Dislyte
Dislyte: Focus on story mode to increase your Espers level
Complete missions to win rewards - Dislyte
Complete missions to earn rewards

Dislyte – Tip 4: Do not waste your Nexus Crystal

In this type of game, virtual currency can be used for various tasks such as recharging, winning gold or calling. While you are a beginner, it is important that you do not use your crystals.

Save them, for example, for future events, or use a small portion of them to replenish endurance if you want a longer farm. Always keep it on the Nexus Crystal and do not use it to buy a gold disc.

Dislyte – Tip 5: Useful Spears to Get Started

The following essays are accepted in the relatively early Dislyte, and are also fairly easy to obtain. These characters are good and worth the effort to raise their level.

  • Slave Useful for farming;
  • Kalo Allows you to slow down your enemies and reduce their AP. It can be received for R $ 4,90 or in spins;
  • Chang Pu Before healing your team;
  • Tang Chuan and Lee Ling Are the first two 5 stars you can earn. Both are good, but Li Ling is better and one of the highest levels in Dislyte;
  • Gabriel Is one of the top 5 stars in the game and it is available through fusion. The road is long, but still free.

Other Espers are also quite useful, but you have to get them through the discs by calling. If you want to learn more about the characters, go to the “Atlas” menu and select the “Galeria do Esper” section.

Dislyte is one of the latest releases for the Gacha style gaming market and puts gods from different pantheons into the urban fantasy where they are all cool. Learn more about the game

It is common for Lilith Games to offer players a lot of gift codes. Like the AFK Arena, Diliste is no exception to the rule. See Codes still valid for this month of May 2022

Dislyte came with many characters and different game modes, making it difficult to rank. See a list of Espers Levels and their specific rankings for PvP, History, Towers, etc.

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