5 things that changed and 5 things that didn’t change in The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us Part I is coming to PS5 September 2And in the future on the computer. And this week has been pretty intense for the game. After the leak, Naughty Dog revealed the official gameplay where they took the opportunity to highlight the changes.

Soon after the announcements—early and official—fans and video game enthusiasts began a heated debate online about the differences. There are those who appreciate the visual improvements and there are those who are unhappy with the supposedly modest increase in gameplay.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the main changes and what hasn’t – apparently. Follow me guys!

5 Things That Didn’t Change in The Last of Us Part I

1 – Same scenes, only 4K

In the gameplay trailer of The Last of Us Part I, we already had the opportunity to observe Ellie’s famous scene with the giraffe. Despite the obvious visual differences, it’s the same scene. And this should be repeated in other parts of the game.

(Source: PlayStation)

2 – The gameplay is almost the same

The gameplay of The Last of Us Part I will not be that different from the original. The big change, according to the studio, concerns the physics-based elements of the scenario – which promises to be even more immersive in this new version.

Joel hides from the enemy in the gym The Last of Us Part I
(Source: PlayStation)

3 – The Left Behind DLC

Eli’s subplot with Riley obviously hasn’t changed.

Left Behind DLC from The Last of Us Part I
(Source: PlayStation)

4 – soundtrack

Gustavo Santaolala, composer of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II soundtracks, is in attendance once again.

5 – acting and dubbing

The iconic voices of Luis Carlos Percy (Joel), Clecio Suto (Tom), Miriam Ficher (Tess) and Luisa Caspar (Ellie) remain intact. Even the actions of the originals are no different from the 2013 version and the 2014 remaster.

5 things that changed in The Last of Us Part I

1 – More realistic features

The characters’ faces have changed a lot. A good example is Tess, who has a much more tortured look in the PlayStation 5 version. Joel and Ellie look more like the visuals from The Last of Us Part II.

2 – Availability of resources

The 60 accessibility options that were featured in The Last of Us 2 are included in The Last of Us Part I. Players will be able to enjoy visual aids, auditory cues and improved navigation controls.

Availability in The Last of Us Part I

Implemented audio description will also be important to break down barriers and bring the game to more people.

3 – DualSense

One of the PS5’s great pieces of technology is in the controller. DualSense promises to be put to good use in The Last of Us Part I.

DualSense in The Last of Us Part I
(Source: PlayStation)

When using the bow, challengers show resistance in waiting positions and prepare the arrow to shoot the targets.

4 – artificial intelligence

Both your companions and your enemies will have smarter moves in the game. Naughty Dog has made significant changes to the AI, and characters will move and interact more naturally in the setting.

The Last of Us Part I - Smart AI

In dangerous situations, Eli will not let go of the defender or anything like that. Now he explains alone the best moment and the least dangerous route to avoid the attention of clickers and people.

5 – Personalization

A photo mode, a perma-death gameplay experience, and a thirst for speedrun (this one with a built-in timer) were some of Naughty Dog’s requests. Additionally, Joel and Ellie will have unlockable skins.

Ellie skin The Last of Us Part I
(Source: PlayStation).

What about you, what do you think of the changes? Do you think they justify the “full” price charged by Sony? I left it in the comments!

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