5 of the greatest car games of all time

As some cars mark an era, there are car games that shaped an entire generation. Looking back on my childhood, I can easily remember the feeling of seeing my favorite cars in action on the PlayStation 1’s square graphics, but at the time, that was as realism as we had.

In recent days, EA Games announced a new title in the Need For Speed ​​franchise, Unbound. This new chapter tries to save the power of street racing and aggressive customization that marks some of the most traditional NFS games. It is because of this game that this list was born to show that passion for cars and games go hand in hand.

So here is the most outstanding car game of all time. Of course, a few titles will remain, including GTA franchise games, as cars are not the focus. The same reason why the classics Driver and Mario Kart were excluded. All these games are great and worth playing but the idea is to show games with real cars or racing focus.

Forza (Horizon and Motorsport)

Forza Horizon 5 [divulgação]

The Forza franchise took off in the 2000s and became Xbox Gran Turismo. It turns out that the popularity and quality of the games have grown over the years, which has led developers to create a sub-franchise. Thus was born Forza Horizon, which uses real cities around the world to host street races with cars from different manufacturers.

At the same time, the traditional Forza has become Forza Motorsport, which keeps the races on the tracks and with a bigger simulation proposition. Despite the title, the franchise has become one of the most important today and has achieved a degree of realism that has disturbed some TV presenters.

Gran Turismo 2 (or any other in the series)

Gran Turismo 2 [reprodução]
Gran Turismo 2 [reprodução]

Born on the PlayStation 1, the Gran Turismo franchise has shaped a generation of car enthusiasts. Initially, the game featured several Japanese cars, which explains the millennials’ fascination with them. From GT5, European cars, Ferrari and later Porsche, became part of the game options, which is developed differently from Forza and has even fewer titles released than its rival.

But Gran Turismo 2 was chosen because it was a huge leap from the first and because it transformed the franchise into what it is today. Anyone who played it is sure to cringe when they hear My Favorite Game by The Cardigans somewhere, as the song was the opening track for the game.

Need For Speed ​​​​Underground 1 and 2

Need For Speed ​​​​Underground 2 [reprodução]
Need For Speed ​​​​Underground 2 [reprodução]

The Need For Speed ​​franchise was launched in the 1990s with the endorsement of Road & Track magazine, but soon lost the name of the publication and won the hearts of fans. However, the game reached its peak in the 2000s, when it radically changed its style and abandoned supercars to focus on tuning.

Riding the wave of the Fast and Furious movie, the first NFS Underground won fans over with its modding options, allowing each player to create a unique vehicle. The second title took the mods even further and made the Nissan 350Z an object of desire as it was the model featured on the cover of the game.

Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II [reprodução]
Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II [reprodução]

The 1992 Formula 1 season was a very disappointing one for Ayrton Senna as his McLaren couldn’t keep up with the otherworldly Williams car that handed Nigel Mansell the title. However, that same year, one of the first successful F1 games was released for the Mega Drive – not least because it was named after the three-time champion.

Although it has the name of Senna and Monaco in the title, it has not only played with the Brazilian driver and the circuit of Monegasque. In fact, it was possible to compete in the World Championship with 16 races, the goal of which was to beat Ayrton himself.

high speed

high speed [reprodução]
high speed [reprodução]

Another game from 1992, but released on the Mega Drive rival, the Super Nintendo, Top Gear is perhaps the most iconic racing game of all time. Theme music can elevate the physical level of nostalgia to new heights. While it doesn’t have actual cars, it’s safe to say that the base models are inspired by the Ferrari Testarossa and the 288 GTO, in addition to the disguised Honda NSX.

Although it had some success in Brazil, the franchise is not as well known worldwide and was discontinued in 1995 with Top Gear 3000, the third title and also from the Super Nintendo. However, the game has a spiritual successor and it was created by Brazilians. Horizon Chase brings the spirit of Top Gear into modern times, features Uno’s rooftop ladder, and has the latest DLC featuring Senna.

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