5 most promising indie games in this edition

THE Brazil Game Show 2022 It ended last Wednesday (12) and already missed those who were at the Expo Center Norte pavilion to play games, meet friends and get the trending information in the world of electronic games. But so you don’t miss out on the event, which will return in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of games worth watching so far!

You understand, right? Yes, we are talking about the treasure of bells Indy Ave! Check out the 5 most promising indie games in this edition of BGS below:

Super combo quest

Incorporating the best elements of classics like Super Mario World, Mega Man and many more, the platform-style game featured beautiful retro 2D visuals as well as fluid gameplay – queuing up among interested parties passing by the developer’s booth. Orube Game Studio. Now it is possible to find it Steam, Play Store, apple store, Xbox and Nintendo.


One of the most beautiful and ambitious indie games seen at BGS 2022 feelings. The colorful 3rd person adventure puts the player in the role of Sara and her pet, a small dragon, to solve a series of puzzles and explore islands that symbolize the girl’s feelings. It’s slated for release in 2023, but the title can already be found Steam and add to wish list.

Eclipse: The brilliance of the dawn

Created in July of this year Iamandu Studios Presented a beautiful game with elements of RPG Fantasy aesthetics story and Hack ‘n Slash. Fun is guaranteed thanks to the progression system, which emphasizes the skills and weapons of the characters, while a barrage of monsters takes over the screen. The promise of more characters and aspect enhancements raises expectations for its development.

Order from Chaos 2

developed white swirl, Order from Chaos 2 is an RPG with a classic feel but a modern look. A simple game at first, the game offers a progression system to support progression through the story and a number of missions to ensure evolution. Additionally, there is an intricate mythology that makes the experience very engaging. testing A demo is available on Steam.

Flank farm

In “party” style, like the success of Fall Guys, the development Vneta Games Studio Puts 30 players into the mad scientist dr. Tiroliro looking for the perfect lackey for his plans for global domination. The proposal is for players to meet and survive a series of challenges inserted during combat. The launch is scheduled for February. Steam.

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