5 Horror India game this Friday, the 13th

However Friday 13 Be more famous in the movies, or for the franchise Slacher Featuring Jason Wurhis or other icons like Freddie Krueger and Michael Myers, the games also do not look bad when it comes to scaring their audience. Home reference games such as Alone in the dark, Resident Evil And Quiet hillThere are games today India Those who are responsible for the most dangerous and creative executions in the industry. And here we list 5 Indie Horror Game Which will scare anyone this Friday the 13th!

Endless nightmares

Modern Gothic Best (Photo: Reproduction)

Imagine Tim Burton in extreme style with simple game mechanics. Lateral scroll And the story focuses on personal traumas and mental health problems. Insert a lot of annoying violence into this mix and monster babies (and weirdly mutilated babies) and what you get is this wonderful Endless nightmares.

Created by developer Matt Gilgenbach, the game is a reflection of the author on his own issues of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Does it look weird? Just wait for the step to take, then.

Endless nightmares It can be played on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and smartphones.


The game presents the world with interconnected psychological horror stories, developed by Brazilians Marco Majer and Thiago Matheus, an independent studio from Pulsatrix.

The script puts the player in the place of journalist Roberto, who discovers the existence of a city in the south of the country called the Treze Trilhas, where strange news happens and where his worst nightmare begins. with Puzzles And narrative elements of a complex informative puzzle, the player decides to solve the story.

Phobia Available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC. You can download the demo version of the game directly from the studio website.

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare

5 Horror India game this Friday, the 13th
Do not be fooled by the appearance, you are going on a cursed journey to one of these horrors in India (Photo: Reproduction)

The name may be lovely, but do not be fooled: this game is evil, ideal for Friday the 13th. It’s hard to talk without giving more spoiler to Imscared, but the best quality of the game is that it keeps working … even if it doesn’t work (you know that during the game).

A game that can only be played on a computer creates files in Notepad and opens links to a pixelated ghost photo and continues to do so until the player finishes the game, which unfortunately (or fortunately) is quite short. Even those who think it is not so impressive are likely to be offended. Creative and very scary.


5 Horror India game this Friday, the 13th
Report Your Life… If You Survive Outlast This Friday The 13th (Picture: Reproduction)

Horror games held in mentally ill hospices or hospitals are nothing new. Still, it’s awesome how Endured As if to update the topic. The protagonist is Miles Appshur, a journalist who, after his detective mind, investigates a psychiatric hospital on an isolated mountain.

And what is inside? They are not ghosts or supernatural monsters. Only the patients themselves, who are, in fact, their worst enemies. They are totally crazy, they chase the player until they can no longer. You Puzzles It almost always ends with escaping from any maniac. Some are so distorted (the reason is explained in the story) that they barely look like humans.

Another factor that makes the game so awesome is its visual language. We control a journalist who has a camera that can shoot in the dark. Aesthetics Shots found Added to the camera’s limited vision in a dark environment gives us even more immersion and powerlessness in the game.

Outlast manages, without much effort, to leave the one who is playing at maximum tension. The game is recommended for those who prefer this type of more “agitated” horror, with a few fears, escapes and moments of pure despair.

Amnesia: Dark origin

5 Horror India game this Friday, the 13th
(Photo: Reproduction)

Developed and published by Frictional Games, Amnesia: Dark origin Gaining a place as one of the scariest games of all time and for good reason. It mixes the horror of fear with the psychological, in perfect balance. In addition, there is a marriage between technical elements such as game and voice game themes. One Game Design Very sophisticated.

Amnesia develops in the Victorian era, in which the protagonist Daniel wakes up without memory in a medieval-style castle. However, when he embarks on a journey to try to recall his life, many monsters, other than a supernatural being named “Shadow”, chase after him. Was Friday 13 already there?

Amnesia: Dark Origins break the barrier between independent manufacturers and large companies and remain at the same level as large AAA franchises such as the aforementioned Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Amnesia: Dark origin Can be played on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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