5 great indie PS Plus games to check out

Indie games certainly don’t have the big budgets that AAA games do, they usually come from smaller studios with smaller budgets. However, they are all created by people who are passionate about the project and some of them manage to offer an experience that will remain in the memory forever.

Now a large family of indie games are also present in the PS Plus catalog, much to the delight of gamers.

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And with that in mind, we’ve brought you five indie games that are sure to blow your mind. They excel in mechanics, visuals, stories, and more.

Check out the indie titles for PS Plus Extra subscribers below:

1 – Kingdom: two crowns

You must build a kingdom and defend it from your enemies, in this minimalistic 2D strategy game, discover new technologies, buildings, fortifications and much more. In the campaign mode, you will have to build a sustainable kingdom and finally defeat greed, you will be able to explore impressive environments and discover dark secrets.

The big difference in the game is that there are two crowns, so you don’t need to rule alone. With co-op mode, you can build your kingdom together with a friend and thus discover the wonderful world of pixel art faster.

2 – last stop

In this game you will live a solo adventure in present day London. You will have to deal with three completely different characters, whose lives were connected by a supernatural crisis.

Thus, you discover the secrets of this connection as you live the dramatic lives of Donna (a no-nonsense student), John (a single father) and Meena (a ruthless professional).

3 – Kona

You are in October 1970, in northern Canada, your name is Carl Faubert and you are a famous detective. W. Hamilton, an industrial magnate, reported cases of vandalism at his mansion in Canada. The police were unable to identify any suspects, so Hamilton decided to hire a private detective, if you.

However, just as you are about to investigate, an accident occurs and a sudden snowstorm hits you. And after it passes, you can no longer find your client or any other living creature. Now your mission is to find out what is going on and survive in the cold environment of northern Canada.

4 – Take us to the moon

Earth’s resources are exhausted. In search of a solution to the crisis, world leaders have created a world space agency that collects energy from the moon!

Thus, the Moon was colonized and worked quietly until the day when communication between the Moon and Earth was cut off and the power source was lost. In this story, you will play the role of an astronaut who will go to the moon to investigate what happened and save humanity.

5 – cemetery guard

You have only one mission to return home and find your love. However, you wake up in an unknown land and to get back home, you will have to work as an undertaker!

In this game, you will be able to manage the cemetery down to the smallest detail, meet capitalist demands, organize enterprises on corpses, burn witches, learn to defeat monsters and know the dark history that surrounds the medieval village.

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