5 games to enjoy with family and friends on the Xbox Game Pass

Playing with friends and family is always better, bringing amazing moments during the game. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers, Xbox offers a catalog of several titles that you can use together, both in person and online.

Below you can see the five games we have selected that will bring a lot of fun, interaction and unification to players who want to share their experiences. Pick up a controller and get ready for hours of fun with friends and family?

It takes two

Play the role of a conflicted couple, Cody and May, two people who turn into spell dolls. Together, trapped in a fantastic world where the unpredictable is always hidden, they are forced to work to save their troubled relationship. Available only on PC and Ultimate Plan with online and local collaboration.

Forza Horizon 5

The latest record in the Forza Horizon series, he leads stunning expeditions to the vast and ever-evolving open world of Mexico. Take part in fun and endless races while driving hundreds of the best cars in the world. Available on all plans with an online cooperative.


A Way Out is an exclusively joint adventure in which you take on the role of one of two prisoners on a break from prison. However, what starts out as an exciting escape will quickly turn into an unpredictable and dramatic adventure, unlike anything you’ve played before. Available only on PC and Ultimate Plan. Brings online and local cooperation.

Combat sticks

One to three players control the Battletoads and unite to go through crazy and unpredictable stages and there is only one rule: expect the unexpected. The gameplay, which allows you to log in and out at any time, facilitates teamwork and makes the game a lot of fun, with whimsical moments that everyone can enjoy, but only a real “frog” can master. Available on all plans! With a local cooperative.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves offers the essential pirate experience. From navigation and battles to quests and looting, you have everything you need to survive a pirate life and become a legend. Because there are no defined roles, you have complete freedom to connect with the world and other players as you wish. But will they be friendly or hostile? And what will be your reaction? Available on all plans with an online cooperative.

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