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Challenging missions in GTA 5 marked the memory of many players who enjoyed the great success of Rockstar. The game, which was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 and later versions for PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, quickly became one of the favorites of the saga. With a bold storyline, innovative mechanics for the time, and a variety of missions that were well-received by the public and critics as they could change the type of activity and gameplay, the game quickly became a success.

in some questThe goals were simple, but the masterpiece had some difficult (and exhausting) moments. Check out the five most difficult GTA 5 missions below.

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GTA V was released in 2013, but it is still a success in the community — photo: Disclosure / Rockstar

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1. Port detection

Scouting Porto is one of the most tedious missions in GTA V — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/GTA Mundo Aberto

This is probably one of the most difficult, but for another detail – after all, it is a very tedious mission. Basically, Trevor disguises himself as a longshoreman, a technician responsible for loading, unloading and organizing cargo on ships, and must search for valuables to steal.

The biggest challenge of the mission is that Trevor has to operate a crane and move it to retrieve the valuables. containers Without harming anyone and without breaking the objects being transported. The main tip here is to be patient, because trying to complete this mission quickly will only set you back. And believe me, nobody wants that.

The mission can be a real challenge for those who don’t like flying planes — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/GTA Mundo Aberto

In this mission, Trevor has to steal in the airspace and for that he needs to fly a plane. crop dust to Fort Zancudo, all unobserved. Also, still in enemy territory, Trevor has to get a second plane – this time, a huge cargo model – with everyone already on his tail.

Aircraft piloting missions are already more difficult because the controls are more difficult. However, in this case, the mission becomes even more difficult due to the enemies standing behind you and shooting and trying to shoot down the plane before you complete the mission. A tip here is to not get discouraged by taking a few shots from the enemy plane, after all part of the mission is to not get off unscathed.

3. Did someone mention yoga?

For those who don’t have patience, the yoga mission will be too difficult — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/GTA Mundo Aberto

This mission is the opposite of what GTA players expect from the game. After all, instead of action, shooting, punching and bombing, there is an entire mission dedicated to Michael’s yoga class. For the most concerned, it is different quest Which requires patience from the player, as the player must successfully complete the minigame three times in a row to earn the gold medal.

The main task of the mission is to control Michael’s movements so that he can correctly perform stretching and breathing techniques, which can be quite difficult. While completely beyond the character’s standards and requiring a level of patience that not all GTA V players are willing to possess, “Did someone mention yoga?” This is one of the most popular missions in the game.

Despite its difficulty, Derailed is a lot of fun for the combat it presents — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/GTA Mundo Aberto

The heroes involved in this mission are Trevor and Michael, and the duo must steal a train in order to crash it into another and thus manage to steal a valuable cargo. One of the big challenges of this mission is switching controls between characters to be able to complete the task.

As Michael searches for a boat to escape them, the player must calculate the perfect time for Trevor to jump from one train to another. After that, he steals the cargo and has to deal with several armed enemies. Despite the difficulty of execution, the mission is very dynamic and full of tension, which makes it much more attractive and one of the favorites of the players.

The mission wraps up the game’s loot and introduces a great story, but also great difficulty — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/GTA Open World

In addition to being one of the most difficult, “The Big Coup” is one of the most beloved missions by GTA V fans. To complete the heist missions in the game, quest Works as a The grand finale An intense where the player has to face a crowd of heavily armed and alert police and guards.

The “Most Obvious Approach” mode makes the mission even more difficult, adding several switches that are hard to follow and forcing players into violent fights that are virtually impossible to win on the first try.

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