36 Xbox Exclusive Games to Keep an Eye On; Between confirmed and rumours

The Xbox brand has grown exponentially in recent years, and part of its success is due to that Xbox Game Pass, the best video game subscription service on the market today. But like everything else in life, Game Pass wouldn’t be all it is Exclusive games And many others from external developers did not reach the catalogs of various services on the same day of their release.

Although, in addition to the incredible Game Pass, the new Xbox Series X|S has set sales records around the world, making it clear that the Series X is the best and most powerful console of the generation, in the company of its younger brother. , the S series, which sells like water in the desert. On the other hand, the acquisition of several studios, e.g Bethesda and Activision BlizzardOffers and delivers a wide selection of Xbox and Xbox Game Pass exclusive games.

Xbox has had a great 20 years, but like any company, they’ve had bad times, but they’ve always managed to pull themselves together, launching Game Pass, xCloud, acquiring new studios, and growing Xbox Game Studios like never before. with spectacular releases. The near future and something further looks amazing, with games like this Starfield, Senior Scrolls VI, A new fairy tale And many other surprises that we will discover over time. So for all of you who want to know more, here are all the Xbox Game Studios exclusives in action.

Already confirmed:

  1. a parable – Playground games
  2. Minecraft legends – Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive (2023)
  3. Senua Saga: Hellblade II – Ninja theory
  4. Project Mara – Ninja theory
  5. Outer worlds 2 – Obsidian Entertainment
  6. admitted – Obsidian Entertainment
  7. argumented (Final Version) – Obsidian Entertainment (September 2022)
  8. punishment – Obsidian Entertainment (November 2022)
  9. forever wild – Rare
  10. Perfect dark – Initiative
  11. Forza Motorsport – 10 years (beginning of 2023)
  12. state of decay 3 – Undead Labs
  13. red fall – Arkan Austin (early 2023)
  14. Starfield – Bethesda Game Studios (first half of 2023)
  15. Senior Scrolls VI – Bethesda Game Studios
  16. Indiana Jones – Car games
  17. smuggling – Avalanche Studios / Xbox Game Studios Publishing
  18. No: The Untold Story – Oxide Games / Xbox Game Studios Publishing
  19. Ghostwire Tokyo (Xbox version) – Tango Gameworks (probably March 2023)
  20. deathloop (Xbox version) – Tango Gameworks (probably September 2022)
  21. New Double Fine IP

Projects based on rumors or speculation:

  1. Project Midnight – Compulsive games: third-person action in a dark and fantasy world.
  2. Project Velvet – Forced games
  3. Project Indus – Oxide Games/Publishing: Turn-based strategy similar to Civilization and features city-building mechanics, resource management, diplomacy, espionage, warfare, and more.
  4. Project Cobalt – inXile Entertainment: Steampunk-style FPS RPG inspired by the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Project Dragon – IO Interactive/Xbox Game Studios Publishing: Destiny-style third person in a world of dragons.
  6. Banjo Kazooie
  7. Gear box 6 – Coalition
  8. Forza Horizon 6 – Playground games
  9. From the New IP Coalition
  10. A New Age of Empires – World’s Edge: MOBA style, League of Legends.
  11. DOOM 3 – id software
  12. Gears of Wars Marcus Phoenix Collection – Coalition
  13. The new Wolfenstein – Car games
  14. Project Shaolin – Brass Lion Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios Publishing
  15. Bell tower project – Stoic Studio/Xbox Game Studios Publishing: A horror game.

Note that since Activision Blizzard has yet to join Xbox Game Studios, we decided to leave two publishers off this list. Recall that Blizzard, for example, has confirmed a new IP and that it may be exclusive to Xbox. However, games like Diablo, Call of Duty or Overwatch seem to continue to be multiplayer, but that doesn’t stop them from having Xbox exclusives in the future – we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

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