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Wolfenstein 3D, the game that opened the FPS genre as we know it today, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this Thursday (5). id Software Shooter is considered to be the forerunner of franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty and Doom. The first game of the highly successful franchise takes place in World War II and puts the player in the position of a tough military man who must confront the Nazis and even Hitler in order to complete his mission. In the story, American Captain William “BJ” Blazkovic, who is hidden in the middle of Germany, must escape the operation with the secrets of Eisenhower, a Nazi plan, to create an army of zombie super soldiers.

With controversial story and countless secrets the game became a reference. The franchise’s latest subtitles, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Youngblood, are available for newer consoles like the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. To remember Wolfenstein 3D, see the 10 most exciting facts about the game below.

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Wolfenstein 3D combines simple gameplay and fun action – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

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1. Wolfenstein was not originally a shooter

id Software’s original idea was to rework the classic Castle Wolfenstein (1981) into 3D graphics. In the original game, developed by Muse Software for Apple II computers, the goal was to steal secret plans from the Germans and escape silently from Wolfenstein Castle, making the game a pioneer of the stealth genre. Subsequently, id Software decided to do something new and Castle Wolfenstein became just a prequel (i.e. a retelling of past events) and an inspiration. The big differential of Wolfenstein 3D is its focus on action and battles against enemies such as soldiers, dogs and mutant creatures. At the start of the game a knife and a pistol with eight bullets are all you need to eliminate the global threat.

Castle Wolfenstein was the first game for the Apple II PC franchise – Photo: Reproduction / New York Film Academy

2. The game was created in a very short time

Today it is common for AAA game development to take five years or more. So is Rockstar Games’ latest hit, Red Dead Redemption 2, which took eight years to produce. However, Wolfenstein 3D argues that this was not always the case: id Software took just three months to create the game. The team behind him was so experienced and fast that they released a package of additional missions and continued only after six weeks.

The full version of Wolfenstein 3D has six chapters – Photo: Reproduction / RĂłbson Martins

3. The game has a lesser known sequel

Spear of Destiny (SoD) is a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, which was also released in 1992. According to the story, before the predecessor, the Nazis devised a plan to seize the spear of fate that killed Jesus Christ on the cross. The object would have sacred attributes that make it invincible to those who owned it. In order for the enemies not to use this powerful weapon, Blazkovic was instructed to steal and hide the spear of fate, where he could never use evil.

Spear of Destiny brings back BJ’s bloody adventure – Photo: Playback / Steam

4. The series has connections to Doom and Commander Keen

In addition to being developed by Id Software, the classics Doom, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein share the same game world, albeit at different times, as the three game characters are interconnected. To be more precise, BJ Blazkowicz is the grandfather of the young Billy Blaise, Doomguy’s father. This is a theory already known to fans of these games, confirmed by the creators of both works.

In DOOM 64 the player uses all available arsenals to eliminate the demons – Photo: Reproduction / Steam

5. One of the songs in Wolfenstein 3D contains Morse code

In some levels of Wolfenstein 3D Chapter 3, the player can hear a soundtrack that contains a very specific signal sequence. In fact, the voices create a message hidden in Morse code that, when decrypted, informs BJ of the highest commands: Destroy Hitler within 24 hours.

The song in the third chapter of Wolfenstein 3D holds a curious secret – Photo: Reproduction / RĂłbson Martins

6. Pac-Man characters are enemies

One of the best Easter eggs in Wolfenstein 3D is the appearance of Pac-Man ghosts. The player can find them in the tenth level of the third and sixth episodes. When you meet these terrible opponents, the only alternative is to flee, because they are invincible and do great damage. In the latest versions of the game, they have been replaced by other enemies to avoid copyright issues with Bandai Namco, which owns the characters.

Pac-Man Ghosts Are The Most Dangerous Opponents In Wolfenstein 3D – Photo: Reproduction / Moby Games

7. The game has undergone several censorships

On the way it is necessary to meet with sadistic scientists, elite bodyguards and the FĂĽhrer himself. Other recurring opponents during the campaign are dogs, which have been replaced by rats with giant mutations in some versions due to censorship, as well as religious and Nazi symbols such as Hitler’s mustache. In the German version for Super Nintendo, the blood red farm gave way to the green.

Wolfenstein 3D Frames, Sculptures, Flags and Other Elements Changed – Photo: Reproduction / RĂłbson Martins

8. Thematic song is a controversial anthem

The opening song, which is played on the main screen, is an excerpt from the official anthem of the Nazi party, “Horst-Wessel-Lied” (Horst Wessel song, in German). The song is part of a dark period in German and world history that caused a great deal of criticism shortly after its release. To avoid further controversy, the song was removed from adaptations by SNES and other media.

Wolfenstein 3D Criticized for Music Running on Home Screen – Photo: Reproduction / RĂłbson Martins

MachineGames first level Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) At some point you can sleep on the mattress and repeat from Wolfenstein 3D. The most interesting thing is that the classic pixel graphics match the high resolution visuals. This creates a contrast that shows the technological evolution that the series has gone through in the 22-year gap between subtitles.

10. Full play of Wolfenstein 3D is possible through the browser

To purchase Wolfenstein 3D, visit the game Steam page or the online archive collection. In the second case, it is possible to play for free and directly through the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), but it is impossible to save your progress. When the game is over, choose one of four levels of difficulty. The way to play is simple: just go through the script, open the doors and shoot everyone in front of you.

Internet Archive Makes Wolfenstein 3D Free – Photo: Reproduction / RĂłbson Martins

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