3, 2, 1, go! – Rocket League Octane Open Invitational in Fortnite


In Fortnite 22.10, the famous Octane from Rocket League came in high gear for developers to help their experience. This car isn’t just any car, the Octane drives almost like it does in Rocket League. He has a rocket booster and supersonic speed, as well as jumping, jumping, twiceDodge, fly and climb the walls!

To celebrate Octane’s arrival in Fortnite, we’re challenging creators to create islands that utilize the vehicle’s full potential. This doesn’t necessarily mean going full throttle on Octane (although that’s possible!), but using it in a fun and engaging way. Some of our favorite islands will appear in a special line-up of the Discover menu in November 2022. See below for more information, including crafting instructions and tips, as well as shipping details.

Guidelines for creating an island

We are looking for:

  • Revolutionize islands using the newly released Rocket League Octane Generator device and make the most of the Fortnite driving experience. Celebrate Octane and its creative possibilities!

  • Thoughtful Level Creation: See how you can develop game genres using the Rocket League Octane Generator tool.

  • Imagine reinventing the wheel or giving a new shine to classic genres.

Island tips

Now that you’ve read through the guidelines, here are some tips to give your Octane Islands that pop. You don’t have to follow these tips, but they can get you going!

Use the new Rocket Boost device

In addition to the Rocket League Octane Generator device, the creators now also have a device Rocket Boost. This new rig is a customizable pickup that runs on octane only and restores Boost, a unique feature of this vehicle.

Fortnite Rocket Boost device

Rocket Boost device.

Use the New Rocket League Stuff Gallery

In addition to the two new devices, there are also Rocket League Stuff Gallery. With this new gallery, creators can make their islands themed around the Octane area. Place Rocket League banners and banners, a car statue and a traffic light!

Fortnite Rocket League Prop Gallery

Rocket League Stuff Gallery.

Check out the island “Rocket League Octane Model”

In addition to the “Rocket League Octane Tutorial” island mentioned above, 404 Creative also released an island Rocket League Octane Model to give more inspiration to creators. Visit this island to create your own island ideas, or just for fun! Log on to the Rocket League Octane Model at island code 7808-4434-5127 and see a sample of Octane’s potential.

Application criteria (and how to apply)

Enrollment criteria

  • We only get one island per creator.

  • We want a high-quality experience that highlights Octane’s capabilities.

  • Innovation Prioritization: In addition to the Rocket League Octane Generator device, the Isles should also use another device released in 2022.

  • All entries require an intro video:

  • The islands presented must not be new.

    • This open invitation offers a unique opportunity: you can develop an entirely new island with Octane as the centerpiece, or update or refine one of your existing islands by introducing Octane to them in some way.

  • We recommend creating an advertising trailer:

How to send

The application period begins on October 18, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Submit your island creative content via the submission form during the entry period, making sure to select “Rocket League Octane Open Invitation”. in the drop-down menu. . Records must be made early 1 am (BRT) on November 1, 2022.

Start on the slopes and Your creativity in the Rocket League Octane Open Invitational!

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