171: Studio comments on allegations of fraud and embezzlement

After the game’s promising early access release 171It is considered a kind GTA BrazilianStudio Betagames Group has suffered serious allegations of fraud and embezzlement Made via a post on the MixMods website on Sunday, November 20th.

Cheap features on a huge budget

According to the creator of the dossier, the discrepancies have been noted since 2015, however, only now has he received concrete evidence to show them.

One of the main issues revolves around the total budget to complete the game, which according to his calculations would be less than R$ 3 thousand, how many assets were used, including the day and night system, vehicles, animations. And the GPS was purchased at low cost or even for free, and the amount received from crowdfunding goals for the project reached almost R$ 300,000.

Another mention was the title’s development time, after all, with so many features ready, what exactly took 10 years to complete?

Studio 171 denies the allegations

Today (22), Betagames Group has decided to issue an extensive notice to its community to address a situation that, according to the tweet, is unnecessarily damaging its public image. Check out the full post below:

The studio addressed the difficulties of developing an indie title in the national territory, claiming the impossibility of a financial deviation in the project, which has a net budget of 164 thousand BRL, which is intended not only to pay for the seven-person internal team, but also for taxes. Taxes, equipment and external employees.

In addition, a segment was devoted to explaining that game development goes far beyond assets and also involves time, technology, and the creative process, ending the session by saying that this type of unfounded criticism “harms the development market as a whole.” .

Finally, the publication explained more about the goals and funds raised, ensuring that all financial data is transparently available in Qatar through the first crowdfunding campaign page.

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