171: GTA Brazil has received a new trailer for the game

The game’s pre-alpha will be in early access this November

team Betagames groupDeveloper National Games released a new trailer this week 171, a Brazilian game inspired by GTA. The video is part of an early access promotion for the pre-alpha version of the title Steamwhich will be released in St November 17.

Scenes shown in the trailer 171 It was taken during the alpha version of the game. According to the developers, the quality shown is not yet representative of what will be delivered in the final product. This indicates that there should be changes to what is shown in the video below.

Page for Pre-Alpha 171 on Steam

171, Brazil Open World

game 171 Its development was announced in 2015. manufacturers Betagames group A crowdfunding campaign was facilitated through the platform the owner to raise funds. Since then, the open world indie game developers have been working on the game and even participated in BGS in 2019.

A pre-alpha version of the game was supposed to be available to players in 2019. Development delays caused it to be delayed until 2020 and then delayed again. Now the team Betagames group revealed that the alpha is finally ready.

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More than 171

171 features a large city inspired by quintessentially Brazilian scenarios, with every detail and element in the game’s environment designed to create a sense of familiarity to the player. The city comes alive with pedestrians and cars walking around the map, interacting with each other and the map. The player has weapons and can interact with elements in the city, but be careful, because every action can create a reaction with the same intensity. Aggressive behavior can attract attention, causing innocents to keep their distance and create problems not only for the police but also for local thugs.


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