16GB v 32GB RAM: Does it make a difference in games?

New processors from Intel and AMD have arrived and both support the new ones DDR5 memoryπŸ‡§πŸ‡· However, it is natural that many users are preparing their pockets to perform the updates settingsAnd memory configuration is one of the most important points in this process.

With the rise of digital cloud services, 8 GB of RAM Not recommended for most current use, as they almost always run in browsers. Even the cheapest options use 2 GB to 3 GB of RAM by opening a few tabs without other system background operations.

So it is certain that a computer capable of playing games needs the minimum 16 GBhowever, 32 GB sets They are increasingly easy to find on the market. However, many users doubt whether it is worth the additional investment to ensure maximum performance in games.

Is 16GB enough for gaming?

Although demanding games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Ring of Elden12 GB of memory is required, there are few cases when 32 GB will change the final experience. Even at high settings, there are frequent CPU or VRAM bottlenecks before 16GB starts to limit performance.

However, there are a few things that can affect more than the amount of available system memory. Most kits sold today have modules in pairs that can be used for operations dual channelBut there are bigger magazines too double rankπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Dual Channel is different from Dual Rank

Use the options dual channel Memory greatly increases the amount of instructions that can be allocated simultaneously. Ყopna double rankIn turn, it involves having memory chips on both sides of the stick with dedicated 64-bit buses for each one.

This increases the bandwidth of the sticks and provides even greater growth in modern computers thanks to the technology MEmory shuffleπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Essentially, while one level of memory is busy with some activity, the processor can allocate new instructions to another level. This is the main advantage of always using memory sets in pairs or even quartets, whether in 16 GB (2×8 / 4×4) or 32 GB (2×16 / 4×8) configurations.

32 GB for safe gaming

Performance tests indicate that there is an increase in FPS with the 32 GB sets, however, it is almost imperceptible on average, which is only a reduction in the benefit. complaints In some competitive games. In general, 16 GB usually offers great performance, but not just games Gamers Modern.

The benefits of installing more RAM emerge when you consider that modern habits almost always include multitasking, even gaming. Configurations with more than one screen are increasingly common at work to increase productivity, but also provide a rich experience during long gaming sessions.

Leisure is multitasking

Having a second monitor for casual gaming allows, for example, to eliminate the interruption of the almost endless series and movies offered by streaming. in these cases, 16 GB will start to affect system performance because part of the magic of streaming services involves loading and storing content buffersusually inside Page files or in the RAM itself.

Call managers typically coordinate strategies across competing titles without relying on integrated voice chats, not always effective. One of the most commonly used applications for this purpose is Discord, which has a fear of memory both in the web version and in a special application.

It’s important to emphasize that even with electronic controllers to avoid Corrupted Memory Regions (ECC), the closer the memory usage is to the total available amount of the system, the greater the chance of the infamous blue screens – or green, depending on your version of Windows.

does not have 32 GB RAM This won’t be a problem at all for multitasking sessions and will definitely provide a good memory margin for usage peaks to avoid crashes.

Sharing is part of it

Another very common practice among gamers is to broadcast their matches, either simply to friends in private sessions, or through platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming or YouTube. Since streaming software consumes a lot of video CPU resources, playing and streaming from the same computer is not ideal.

However, most gamers don’t have a dedicated streaming setup, and more memory – as well as lots of threads – is critical in these cases. Using machines with 16GB of RAM will definitely force the user to lower the graphics settings to ensure both streaming and gaming run smoothly.

An investment for the future

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investing 32 GB RAM There is a guarantee of a good longevity of the system. As many new memories DDR5 Has good speed scalability potential, current models 5200 MT/s and 5600 MT/s already offer great performance.

In a multi-platform reality, the next generation of consoles will drive game development for years to come. This way, new titles are unlikely to make efficient use of memory with transfer rates much higher than currently possible.

So install it 32 GB RAM It won’t make much of a difference just in terms of game performance. However, prices for DDR5 kits have already started to drop compared to 2021 when they were released, and more memory has the potential to ensure that future upgrades will only focus on components with shorter refresh cycles, such as graphics cards or processors.

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