15 partner games coming soon on the Nintendo Switch

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In the month of E3, which is known for bringing the biggest news in the gaming world, Nintendo was strangely quiet. But not to leave the case blank, this Tuesday (28) he published a news collection from partner companies that will arrive in the coming months Nintendo SwitchAs Portal, person And Mario + rabbits.

Check out the main statements that point out Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Exhibition June 2022:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Since it could not have been otherwise, the presentation brought a trailer for a new expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The video focused on new monsters and revealed the first free update for players. The game arrives this week, today June 30th.

Nier Automata: End of YoRHa edition

Cult favorite, Nier Automata Comes on Nintendo Switch. This edition brings all the DLC already released as well as new exclusive costumes. The title comes from the console 6 October.

Super Bomberman R 2

Bomberman was one of the exclusives who celebrated the release of the Nintendo Switch. Now the fun continues in the sequel announced in 2023 – Super Bomberman R 2. In addition to the new castle mode, it will be possible to create your own level and play online with friends.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection It has been announced that it combines ten games from the tactical RPG franchise that became famous in Brazil thanks to an anime that aired on TV Globinho. Pick up your combat PET, collect chips, and respond when the collection debuts in 2023 on the console.


Pac-Man is back on a Mario style platform adventure. Remake PAC-MAN WORLD Comes on Nintendo Switch 26 August.

Return to Monkey Island

LucasFilm classics are coming soon on the Nintendo Switch: Return to Monkey Island Promised in 2022.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Ubisoft Tactical Shooter Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Showed part of his game in a new trailer. In addition to the new combinations, the video confirmed Sagittarius It will be possible to play in the title debut 20 October.

Little Noah: The Parables of Paradise

In addition to the big announcements, Nintendo also showed up Little Noah: The Parables of Paradise. The game is very reminiscent of the offline version Grand Chase And arrives at the Nintendo eShop today.

Sonic Frontiers

Controversial Sonic Frontiers The Nintendo Switch will arrive later this year. A new trailer was shown summarizing all the news, showing how to play the game by hand and some design improvements.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Combines several worlds of Disney-Pixar mini-games to view and explore. The game includes early access on September 6th.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Shown the gameplay for a few seconds in the new video. The game will be released in 2023.

DragonQuest Treasures

After adapting Minecraft gameplay in Dragon Quest Builders, the Japanese franchise will take a new direction, slightly inspired Wild breath in DragonQuest Treasures. The idea here is to use monsters to search for treasure to explore large maps. The game is coming 9 December.

Mobile Companion Collection

Portals 1 and 2, a great Valve classic, will arrive this Tuesday on the Nintendo Switch as a collection Mobile Companion Collection.


Farm games are always popular, but after a while they can become boring. With that in mind, Square Enix decided to incorporate this classic formula into their experience in RPGs, which led to it Harvestella. The game is coming 4 November.

Private franchise

And as expected, the personalized games that have just been announced for the Xbox and PlayStation will also be released on the Nintendo Switch. Persona 5 Royal Release is planned 21 October. but Persona 4 Golden And Persona 3 Portable Will arrive only in 2023.

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