11 Tips for Beginners at Fortnite

Fortnite This is one of the biggest phenomena in the gaming world in recent years. Starting as PvE, the game shifted in the other direction at the last minute and became one of the most popular titles on the planet, which further expanded the genre. Royal battle And closing several important partnerships with famous musicians and major film studios.

Now in its third chapter and twentieth season, it is not surprising that some players are afraid to jump off a combat bus and start penetrating the island biomes. Interestingly though, maybe now is the best time to start your saga in the Epic Games shooter.

Tips for mastering Fortnite

Running There is no build mode, Fortnite Now allows players to enjoy the game the way they want. But this does not mean that victory is guaranteed: whether you are competing to build battles or just a relentless fight, you still need to keep an eye out and know the game. Thinking about new players and people who are now returning to the game, we have come up with some very helpful tips.

1. Enjoy the first few games

The first match of each new score always sums up the players bots – and only the bots. This decision by Epic aims to get newcomers accustomed to the mechanics of the game, in addition to ensuring an almost guaranteed first win.

Over time, as the lobby becomes a little more challenging, matches are filled with more players with similar level of skills. Use this period to learn the basics of the game.

2. Start without buildings

Since the beginning of Season 3, Epic Games has introduced a new game mode in which it is impossible to build your own structures. The decision was somewhat controversial because in theory it would remove its biggest differential: construction battles.

However, the truth is that with the launch of No Builds Mode, the developer managed to flare up his game, losing players and popularity. Playing without thinking about building by other more experienced players without thinking about building turned out to be a positive point for many veterans and beginners.

Also, the best way to adapt to the game, to get to know the island and to learn more about the meta-game is to play carefree. It is therefore recommended to start the game Fortnite There are no buildings.

3. Learn to build

Despite the new “do not build” mode, traditional game modes are still available and it is recommended to go there as well. If you do not want to start learning how to create in real matches, you can practice in creative mode where you can join matches with other players or alone. Training your construction skills for a few minutes a day can make a big difference when it comes to “seeing”.

4. Know the map

In addition to buildings, Fortnite It is also known for constantly updating. Unlike other games in the genre that often have two or more maps, the Epic Games game has only one island per chapter … but it is constantly evolving.

Game Island undergoes some changes almost every week, some places are deleted or renewed. In addition, each new chapter takes players to a completely different island (though they often bring up points of familiar interest). Knowledge of the map is essential, so take the time to make changes to the island each week.

5. Adapt to the meta-game

Like the map, the game meta is constantly changing, so it is not recommended to over-ride one method of play. Explore other possibilities as much as possible: Try playing with weapons you did not normally use, check out new items added, and analyze which equipment the community has used the most in recent weeks. Discover the meta-game Fortnite And use this information to your advantage.

6. Control configuration

Although we already have pre-configured control settings, Fortnite Allows players to change the button settings in all its available versions. This way, players can adapt the keyboard shortcuts, control keys and touch screen commands to have a more enjoyable, intuitive and personalized gaming experience.

7. Talk to NPCs

Except for up to 100 players in total Fortnite The island is inhabited by numerous NPCs. Despite their fixed locations, their presence is not 100% guaranteed, so when you notice a character who has no control over other players walking around, it is always a good idea to approach and interact.

Talking to NPCs gives players experience points and at least one random item for free. Not to mention that each character has their own little shop that sells items like headlights, guns and even very useful services like teleportation slots and even the ability to hire a “guard”.

8. Avoid paying attention

If you are not very experienced in the game and do not have the habit of excluding dozens of players in the game, probably the best way to survive before the end of the game is to play without fanfare. Start by collecting weapons, shields and mobility items, but try to avoid conflicts as the sound of shooting can attract other players.

You do not have to spend the whole game in hiding, but if what you are looking for is victory Fortnite It can be interesting to be silent in the bushes, houses, buildings, chemical toilets and even landfills until a few players are left alive.

9. Do not neglect loot

Never, ever collect the best possible loot during matches. Sure, skill levels are important, but there are a lot of struggles Fortnite Determined to rob the player. It is essential to always have full headlights, have high rare weapons for more damage, and one or two mobility items to escape tough situations.

10. Analyze your mistakes

As expected in Battle Royale, in the end only the best player (or team of players) survives. In other words, elimination will happen all the time – but believe me, it can be good. When someone defeats you on the battlefield, until you lose your temper and get angry, try to think about how the situation could have been avoided.

Remember the moves, review what you did or did not do, think about your booty and actions. This will make you less likely to repeat the same mistakes in other games (and take advantage of situations where other players make similar mistakes).

11. Watch other players’ matches

One way to improve your understanding of the game is to watch other players play. Whether you see professionals or content creators on streaming platforms, or even some ordinary player matches where they are destroyed, keep watching and analyzing performances. So you can discover new strategies and also learn from other people’s mistakes and successes.

Time to win

Whether you are a new player or someone who has left the game and is now back, with these tips in mind, it’s time to put everything into practice and dominate the games. Fortnite Battle Royale! Good luck!

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