10 upcoming games to know about at Steam Next Fest

From the 6th to the 12th of October, the Brazilian Game Show will take place in São Paulo, and one of the coolest things about such an event is the opportunity to test games that have not yet been released. But since visiting BGS is a privilege for few, a great alternative is Steam Next Fest (or Vem Aí), which has just won another edition.

The season’s most beautiful art direction: Letter to the Future (Credit: Disclosure/Scavengers Studio)

In what I consider to be one of the coolest initiatives ever undertaken by the Valve store, the Steam Next Fest runs until next Monday (10), and don’t be fooled, it’s only the demos that deserve to be highlighted. During these days, we will also have the opportunity to watch several shows made by developers, which will bring the community closer to the creators.

For those who like to collect badges on the service, Steam has prepared a special for this Next Fest. To get it, just log into your account and use the Discovery List feature. At the end, another badge will open, but the best thing is to find some interesting games.

Speaking of which, below you can see a few titles that caught my eye and that, since they’re part of the festival, have demos available for download right now. This is a great opportunity to check out some titles that have the potential to stand out in the coming months, especially for those looking to escape the big releases.

Of course, a lot of good stuff won’t be mentioned here, so take advantage of the comments to leave your nominations and visit the Steam Next Fest page to find tons of other cool games.

Avenging Guardian Moonrider – For those who follow the Brazilian gaming scene, this game that is just born to develop moon rider It is not surprising. Created by JoyMasher Studio (Odalus, Oniken, polished chrome), it pays homage to classics such as Shinobi, Hagan and StriderPuts us in the shoes of a super soldier who rebels against the totalitarian state that created him.

the edge of collapse – Based on the series of books written by Kayla Stone, in the game we will be Hannah Sheridan, a girl who spent five years trapped in the basement of a psychopath. His luck changes when the United States is targeted by an electromagnetic pulse attack that causes all electrical equipment to shut down, including the lock that kept him from freedom. But will the boy be able to escape safely?

Encounter: Artifacts of Chaos – Chile’s ace team over the years (Eternal cylinder, Deadly tower of monsters, Rock of Ages, Zeno Clash) specializes in creating games with unique (not to mention weird) visuals, and the studio’s new project follows suit. In it, we will be a master of martial arts who will have to take care of a small creature named Garoto. Definitely a game that escapes the ordinary.

forever sky – Hundreds of years after Earth was destroyed by an ecological disaster, we will have the opportunity to use an advanced spaceship to explore the planet and cure a terrible virus. Functioning as a first-person survival game, it is created by professionals who have worked on games such as dying light, Divine Original Sin, medium and Outriders.

ZERO Sievert – With an aerial view and a procedurally generated map, here we will have to explore the destroyed Western Europe to find the things that will keep us alive. In total, we will have more than 30 weapons at our disposal, in addition to 150 modifications that will make them much more powerful.

Foldland – After climate change destroys the planet, it will be up to us to guide the survivors to dry lands and where resources are more abundant. Develop technologies, create laws and face the unpredictable with each new game as the maps are randomly generated.

Dredge – Mystery and fishing are two things that seem to go together very well, but that’s exactly what this game offers. When we go fishing in The Marrows Archipelago in our boat, we will have the opportunity to explore the myths that surround this place, scan the seabed for treasure and watch out for what lurks in the shadows.

Dredge and the secrets that lie beneath the sea (Credit: Disclosure/Black Salt Games)

of water – If you like games where you have to build and manage cities, you will probably be interested of water. Although it has elements of survival, the big difference here is the fact that all the “action” takes place at the bottom of the ocean, because humanity had to flee there after our planet became a great wasteland. According to the folks at Digital Reef Games, we can also expect a story that will help increase immersion, with “a narrative sequence where players are introduced to a fantastic underwater world.”

the narrator – And speaking of storytelling… what do you think of a “reactive puzzle that lets you make up stories”? Here we will learn about different topics and, using some icons, we will have to tell such classics of literature as Dracula or Cheese and guava. While the premise sounds simple enough, there may be a big insight right there the narrator. My only fear is the number of puzzles that will be offered and the freedom we will have to create variations.

Season: A Letter to the Future – Another game whose main theme will be the story and which also deals with a cataclysmic event. Here we will be a young woman who leaves the remote village where she lives to see the world, and for this she will only have the help of a bicycle. With incredible art direction and a story full of emotion, I’m excited to meet the characters that will cross our paths and discover the secrets of this world.

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