10 successful national title games

In recent years, Brazilian gaming studios have been gaining popularity in national and international scenarios, reaching fans of the most popular gaming platforms. With great adventures and experiences for players in multiple categories, these titles prove the versatility of the developers by combining elements from different generations.

For example, Horizon Chase Turbo revives classic Top Gear, while Dolmen plays with modern soul circuit challenges and deep mechanics. And although there are series and models that are united in the environment of gamers, the creators of Brazilian projects always update the formulas and bring something surprising to the public.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ten Brazilian games that have been successful in the community. It is worth enhancing the usefulness of this guide as a presentation of the current state of developers and how their ambitions are moving from paper, digitally or physically, to gaming machines.

Brazil’s 10 most successful games

Horizon Chase Turbo

A racing title inspired by the hit arcades of the 1980s, Horizon Chase Turbo is one of the most talked about Brazilian games by players. Challenging and with extensive content support nearly five years after its release, the game has several options for tracks, audio tracks, vehicles and events, and features a nostalgic local multiplayer mode.

polished chrome

Combining Contra with Metal Slug, Blazing Chrome is a run-and-gun experience where two players must battle the machines and save humanity from tyranny. Crazy armor, powerful weapons, and hoverbikes are just some of the new features of the game, which consists of a brutal journey of platforming and Metroidvania-style shooting.

Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

A recently released Brazilian game for consoles and PC, Phobia is a horror and action title that appeals heavily to psychological tension. The project, developed by Studio Pulsatrix, features state-of-the-art graphics and offers a different survival experience with puzzles, escapes, gun battles, upgrades and approach options.


On the planet Revion Prime, a soldier must survive monsters to retrieve unique crystals. Dolmen is a challenging game with mechanics inspired by the soul-like category. One of the latest Brazilian action games for consoles and PCs, it offers dynamic and personalized combat where players must specialize in weapon styles to succeed against enemies and bosses.

Hazel sky

Released this July by Neon Doctrine, Hazel Sky presents an intimate and sentimental adventure. Playing the role of a young man who embarks on a web of secrets to achieve his dreams, the game relies on rich research to weave a story that resonates with fans. Take to the skies and land and complete challenges to become a respected engineer.

99 life

Beat ’em up for up to four players β€” local or online β€” 99Vidas goes back to the 16-bit classic to bring you the full co-op arcade experience. The title features 11 playable characters, multiple game modes, weapon and skill options, and boss battle progression.

Dandy Ace

Dandy Ace is a highly replayable game that offers complete freedom of play. While players search for cards with different magical effects, it is possible to prepare more than 1000 different power combinations. In addition, the game has complex combat where each enemy acts with different moves.


With a unique pixel-art aesthetic, Unsighted combines isometric cameras and platform mechanics in an adventure for two players. The city of Arcadia is a real playground and collects secrets on interplanetary maps. However, the time lag effect and the need to make important decisions appear as elements that increase the complexity that requires strategic actions and preparation.

Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG and belongs to the category of Brazilian games that bet on pixel art and nostalgia. Influenced by Japanese shows in the style of Power Rangers, the game has updated mechanics, weapon creation and TV studio management. Additionally, it provides a high replay factor through loot randomness and three different endings.


Available at no extra cost to PS Plus Extra subscribers, Dandara follows the trend of metroidvanias, but stands out in that movement is activated via the aim command. The title features a narrative from the platform campaign and stars a heroine who uses special abilities to save her land, defying gravity and imposed boundaries.

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