10 most brutal games in games because of cutscenes

screen of The game is over Can be one of the most feared players. After all, this means that the player has lost all their lives and will have to start the level over – or, in the worst case, the entire game from scratch. However, some games insist on making the moment even darker.

next, Canaltech List the scenes The game is over The most brutal game. These are scenes that play with violence, destruction, and of course, the emotions of the players. Do you remember the other scenes that made the list? Share with us on social media!

10. The moon destroys the earth

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, from 2000, is one of the weirdest (and interesting) games in the franchise. The game has a scene The game is over Pretty dramatic: if you can’t save the planet in time, the moon falls to the ground. Link stares at the reddened horizon until an explosion destroys him. The game continues: “Then the angry moon fell from the sky, destroying this world and many of its inhabitants. All items purchased in the last three days are missing […] You met a terrible fate, didn’t you?’

9. End of the Punisher

PunisherThe 1993 game, based on Marvel’s Punisher, sees the character receiving a heart massage from a doctor. You can even hear the character’s heartbeat. If the player gave up, the screen would go black and white, the doctor would cry with his hands on his head, and a continuous beeping sound would be heard.

8. The saw cut the body in half

This scene is worthy deadly games. immediately after defeat they beat Ninja GaidenFrom 1988, the main character Ryu Hayabusa appears lying and strapped to a table while a circular saw descends on his stomach. In the background, demons laugh at the scene.

7. Dynamite

Another retro game with an interesting scene is the first The final battle, 1989. A character is seen tied to a chair while sticks of dynamite explode. The character tries to blow out the burning wick in time, to no avail.

6. Crushed by thorns

The final battle Worth repeating on this list, yes – by the way, the old games were hard on the players. In Final battle 3From 1996, the character is (again) strapped to a table while a thorn press slowly descends to crush him.

5. The bottom of the well

the Mortal Kombat It is known for its rather grotesque scenes of death during battles. But Mortal Kombat 4 Has a special cutscene: the screen shows your character falling down a long pit and jumping in the air. The camera zooms in on the character as time passes. Once the timer runs out, his body disintegrates into sharp, bloody blades.

4. Hey! You don’t look good at all!

It must be humbling to be in the shoes of a defeated superhero. Even more humiliating is your enemy, who will mock you until your end. This is what happens Batman: Return to Arkham City2016: Villains appear in a dark background and stare you down. There are so many lines worth checking out, especially Joker’s: he laughs out loud and even jokes with you. “If you knew what I was planning, you would die!”

3. Cardiac arrest

Metroid They usually have the same The game is over: Samus’ form breaks, leaving the character vulnerable. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, from 2004, is different: it goes into cardiac arrest, and the screen reads “Warning: System Warning. A heartbeat can be heard through the steak, which suddenly stops with a “mission failed” warning.

2. There was no trace of them…

RPG published in 1993 by the former SquareSoft (now Square Enix). The secret of mana It has a heart-stopping screen. The character turns into a ghost and the screen goes black. Then a melancholic song begins, and a few words appear on the screen: “Unfortunately, no trace of them was found.”

1. Simba hanged himself

The first place in this list shocked the gaming team Canaltech. The Lion King V: Timon and Pumbaa is a platform game released by Dragon Co. in 1994 on an unofficial basis, i.e. without licensing from Nintendo or Disney. The game is famous for its cutscenes The game is over: All show characters killing themselves. One in particular shows Simba hanging from a rope.

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