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Horror games are on the rise, and there’s currently no shortage of good options on the market for fans of the genre. Aside from great upcoming titles like Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 remakes, there are more and more good games in the genre, especially those produced by independent developers. For example, Pacify and Fran Bow prove that it is possible to create fun and scary games despite technical limitations and low studio budgets.

considering this, TechTudo Here’s a list of 10 indie horror titles you should know and play, whether on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, or even Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Check it out below.

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Pacify is a multiplayer game that turns players into paranormal investigators — Photo: Disclosure / Sean Hitchcock

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Developed and published by Puppet Combo, the creators of Stay Out of the House and Nun Massacre, Murder House follows a news team that searches for clues in the abandoned home of a serial killer known as the “Easter Ripper.” As if the situation wasn’t weird enough, the group is attacked by a bloodthirsty, pink bunny-clad new victim maniac.

The game features retro PSOne-style graphics and tank controls, typical of classic franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, in which the character moves forward through scenarios with a fixed camera. Murder House is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) where it costs R$24.89.

The antagonist of Murder House is a serial killer dressed as a rabbit — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

2 – convenience store

In this Japanese horror style from Chilla’s Art, the player takes on the identity of a young night clerk at a convenience store. However, things start to get weird when his monotonous work routine is interrupted by supernatural apparitions. The game has a short campaign, about 40 minutes, during which the player must complete tasks, attend to evil clients and, of course, deal with spirits. Also worth noting is the VHS filter from The Convenience Store, a feature that helps create a retro nostalgic yet intimidating aura. For only R$6.49 you can download the game for PC on Steam.

The Convenience Store is a horror game that resembles professional simulators — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Fran bow is a point and click game with psychological horror elements that can be downloaded on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux (via Steam, Origin and GOG). The story, divided into five chapters, tells the story of Fran, a girl suffering from a childhood trauma. Because of this, he is placed in a mental asylum, where he is forced to take a red pill that allows him to go to another dimension where evil beings live. The title from independent studio Killmonday Games also has a variety of challenging puzzles and drawn 2D graphics that may fool some players at first glance.

Fran Bow combines graphic design and a compelling story — Photo: Playback/Steam

With beautiful pixelated graphics, Mad Father was created by Japanese Senem (of Miscreant’s Room) in freeware and published in 2012. The main character is Aya Dravis, an 11-year-old girl who lived after the death of her mother. Her mysterious father and his assistant in an isolated palace in northern Germany. To uncover the family’s secrets, he must explore the halls and dark rooms of a place where morbid experiments are conducted. In 2016, publisher PLAYISM released a remake for Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) featuring additional scenes and a mode with new events.

Mad Dad is a creative and dangerous pixel art adventure — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

In this game from independent developer Sean Hitchcock, who is responsible for the popular Emily Wants to Play, players are paranormal investigators involved in missions to solve supernatural episodes. In solo or multiplayer mode, which supports up to four people playing together or against each other, the only way to escape is to burn nine cursed dolls to capture the evil creature that haunts the place. Pacify guarantees fun and lots of scares for Windows, Mac and Steam Deck users (via Steam) for R$10.89.

Pacify is a multiplayer game that places players in a haunted house — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Aka Manto is a survival horror adventure with a plot inspired by a Japanese urban legend about a ghost that appears in public and school restrooms to kill its victims. In the game, the player takes on the role of a bullied schoolgirl who is forced by girls Maiko and Haruna to enter a school forbidden by the police. There, he is pursued by several individuals, including a “Japanese bath blonde”, masked and covered in a red cloak. Also developed by Chilla’s Art studio, Aka Manto arrived in September 2019 on Steam, where it costs R$10.89.

Meet the Japanese version of Loira do Banheiro at Aka Manto — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Welcome to the Game is a survival horror game available for PC and Mac as a download via Steam. The player must find eight codes hidden in macabre sites on the Deep Web to gain access to the Red Room, a site that allows you to watch and interact with torture and murder live. Meanwhile, you have to solve puzzles to prevent hackers from breaking into your computer, as well as hide from dangerous hijackers. Reflect Studios developed and released a sequel to Welcome to the Game in April 2018 with improved mechanics and graphics.

Welcome to the game, the goal is to find secret codes in the deep web — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Like Fran Bow, Detention is a point and click game with very attractive 2D graphics. Developed by Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games, the title, set in 1960s Taiwan under Chinese martial law, uses local culture, folklore and religions to create an eerie atmosphere. The player controls Rei, a high school girl who is stuck in a boring school while dealing with annoying monsters – a situation reminiscent of Aka Manto, although they have very different gameplay.

Detention is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC with Windows, macOS and Linux (via Steam and Origin), starting at R$23.99. Funnily enough, the piece won a live-action movie and later an eight-episode miniseries available on Netflix.

The arrest has Taiwanese culture and politics as a backdrop — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

9 – I have a duty to observe

Among horror games, I’m on Observation Duty stands out for creating a tense atmosphere due to its extremely simple gameplay. In the game, the player’s role is to monitor security cameras and identify anomalies in each room of the house, from strange lights and object movements to the presence of invading creatures. That way, when you notice something out of the ordinary, you can simply report the type and location of the supernatural event – which may seem easy at first. However, it is necessary to have a good memory and be alert to survive the whole night.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as PCs with Windows, macOS and Linux, the game was created by indie developer Notovia and costs R$4.49 on Steam, a platform where the four I’m on Observation Duty sequels are also available . .

I’m on observation duty, you must pay close attention to every detail — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Developed by Studio Cherrymochi, Tokyo Dark is another title that combines puzzle and visual novel elements with anime features. The story follows Ito, a detective caught in a spiral of the unknown who searches for answers about his partner’s disappearance in Tokyo. Tokyo Dark’s difference is an experience rich in dialogue and possibilities, with more than 10 endings determined by your choices. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, as well as PC and Mac (via Steam) with a minimum cost of R$33.99.

Tokyo Dark is a horror game with a lot of investigation — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

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