10 indie games to watch!

Thanks to Steam Next Fest, several indie games that are expected to be released in the near future, demos have become available to the public, and after testing a few promising games, our curator has selected the 10 titles that stand out the most.

Unfortunately, Next Fest is over and some of the titles mentioned in this article are no longer available to the public. However, most of the above games will be released later this year, so we won’t have to wait long to hear about them again!

Ankle Saga

Anvil Saga is a simple but very attractive game. You are a middle-aged blacksmith living in France. In the game you manage the production of your blacksmiths, resources and employees and make important decisions that can change the attitude of NPCs or even nations towards the player, all in the course of historical events of that time.

The combination of choices and results, the forging management and expansion and the charming look make it one of the Anvil Saga titles I most look forward to publishing this list.

Ankle Saga Available for Steam Early access And the developers are planning to release the game 2022 year.



SIGNALIS is a futuristic Survival Horror with all the charm that the genre had on the original PlayStation. The first element that impresses in the game is its visual presentation. From the effects that try to simulate an old TV, to the highly detailed scenes and game sequences that break in the middle ground between 2D and 3D.

The game has all the elements that make Resident Evil classic games so popular, with a story that starts at the pace of the puzzles and cuts through the text files.

Signals Has a demo version on Steam and will be released on October 27 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox series.


CULTIC is what’s in the middle of Bommer Shooter. This is the FPS where we control the protagonist who survived the genocide, which is facilitated by a mysterious cult. The game has 2D sprites that are very similar to the classics of the genre and the gameplay in some sequences is very stunning, it works very well as an action game providing various weapons, bombs, enemy types and scenarios that you may encounter.

Atmosphere is also a big part of the title. This is, without a doubt, a horror game that is also very competent in single player FPS. From the start of the game, the music, the environment are built and we even have some horrible sequences. This game has great potential to delight both the shooting game audience as well as the audience who loves a bad night’s sleep.

Cult Has a demo version on Steam and does not yet have a release window.

Escape Academy

Do you like Escape Rooms? Then Escape Academy is a game created for you. The premise is simple: Secret Academy trains young people with problem-solving skills. This translates into a series of escape rooms that must be completed to advance the story. The game implies that there may be light visual novel elements in the game, but the main focus is on the escape rooms themselves, and it works well to create an attractive environment that hides the answers very creatively.

Escape Academy Released July 14 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Curse of sea rats

The curse of sea rats is a very ambitious metro. The game promises 4 playable characters, each with unique abilities, a campaign that can be played in a cooperative and a number of demo environments, the final game will be very long and extensive.

The movement of the characters reacts slightly less than ideal, but this is probably the only drawback in this game and it can still be corrected before launch. The game is very classic metroidvania, with RPG progression systems and even has special skill trees for each character.

Curse of sea rats Has a demo version on Steam and will be released in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch

Rage leg

What if Hotline Miami was the first person? What if he was much more comical? This is basically Ager Foot.

There is not much to say about Anger Foot other than that. The levels are all built in such a way that the action manages to run smoothly despite the sometimes busy environment and even from additional goals to level design, the game really wants you to be excited about the routes and performance optimization to get the most out of it. Game.Its terrible pace.

I may not enjoy the game at a higher level, but I really enjoy the very comedic tone! Puzzle Who must be able to complete the level as well as the future speedrunners that will surely destroy this game in parts.

Rage leg Has a demo version on Steam and will be released in 2023 for PC.



This game is probably the most favorite I have seen this year. Frogun is a great respect for platform games from the earliest consoles that could transmit 3D games.

Scenarios and objects with several polygons? He is here. Disassembled and phased level design? He is here. Collect items? He is here. The game is not difficult at all. You control a little girl who for 3 days has not seen her archaeologist parents and decides to use the family weapon, the frog, chase them and save them.

The whole game is based on the weapon that gives the game its name, the weapon that can be used as a cradle to attract points or objects on the map to you and how to use it in an environment to get everything. Collections level ..

Frogun Released later this year for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox series.

The cult of the lamb


The game basically works like traditional Rogue Light for the most part. You navigate a certain number of rooms to your goal, with damage from room to room, collecting upgrades and more enemies and more challenging challenges as the player advances into the rooms until the final battle against the boss, but that’s true. Only half of the game, the other half you are responsible for caring for the small community that is your cult. Managing your resources, creating tools and crop maintenance is also part of your duty in this game.

The cult of the lamb Has a demo version on Steam and will be released on August 11 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series.

The soul and the mouse


This is a game that first has a Feel Very… Pixar film. In this game you control a little French rat on the street, met by the patron spirit of the city. This meeting ended with the power of the guardian spirit being given to the little mouse and now he is responsible for guiding the mouse and performing small miracles to illuminate the lives of the inhabitants of this city.

The game essentially acts as a 3D platform game where you go after completing goals within a large scenario before some collectors cross your path and because the protagonist of the game is a little mouse, all the fun comes from finding ways and locations to reach these goals in this giant human world.

This is definitely a game designed to relax and enjoy. The goals, the story and even the environment from the music are full of a sense of calm and serenity.

The soul and the mouse It will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch at the end of 2022.

Light in the mirror


Glimmer in Mirror is a metro scene that draws a lot of attention as a whole with its visual presentation of both hand-drawn characters as well as scripts and especially scenes that bring a fabulous atmosphere and a more intimate approach to narration.

The game has a slightly more megaman mood as it is the main way to interact with landscapes and enemies. Light shots And you get updates on scattered scenarios that give you more skills, from a variety of ways to use your core skills to movement skills.

The Glimmer differential in the mirror looks like it will be a system pets Which will guide you through the entire adventure. Pets will have two starting skills and they can gain levels and advance the game. With more levels, new skills will open up and the diversity of pets will increase “Builds” As best as possible to match your style of play.

Light in the mirror Has a demo version available on Steam and developers are looking forward to another year of development.

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