10 Indie Games That Might Surprise You

Although the indie scene is far from AAA budget possibilities, many games in the category offer an unforgettable experience. They excel at exploring multiple genres and injecting maximum creativity. And now, with the addition of these titles to the PS Plus catalog, it’s possible to know even more about the field.

With that in mind, we’ve selected ten indie games that might surprise you with their visuals, story development, and unique gameplay mechanics. Check out nine titles in the following categories for PS Plus Extra game catalog subscribers:

Indie games are available on PS Plus Extra

1. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

An RPG distributed by THQ Nordic, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a turn-based action inspired by classic minimalist games, but with updated graphics and many improvements. The title features a thrilling soundtrack, a story built around dungeons, and tons of customization options, including weapons, gear, and a skill tree.

2. The last stop

Last Stop is a single-player adventure with a strong narrative focus, where the stories of the three main characters are interwoven through the actions of the players. The game combines elements of reality with fantasy and brings many alternatives to the campaign, each action determines the future not only of the heroes, but also of the people around them.

3. Take us to the moon

Full of surprises and great moments, Deliver Us to the Moon is a space exploration game that transcends the concept of genre and reveals the story of humanity’s depletion of resources. The title has many game mechanics and combines elements of science fiction, action, suspense and puzzle – all in a deep and claustrophobic work.

4. Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner may be a generic futuristic Shadow Warrior, but it excels in almost every aspect of originality. PS Plus Extra’s fast-paced action game and cyberpunk world draws attention for its high challenge, precision and innovative visuals that require players to learn as they progress. In addition, it has a mind-blowing story of tyranny and revenge.

5. Chris Tails

A classic turn-based JRPG, Cris Tales is a fantasy adventure set in a unique world full of color and detail. Its combat system is dynamic and team-based, where a group of heroes come together to fight against the coming catastrophe and the destruction of the kingdoms of Crystallis.

6. Kingdom: two crowns

A kingdom and resource management game, Kingdom: Two Crowns is an exploration and adventure title with a unique pixel art and soundtrack. Challenging, the game has gradual difficulty and has multiplayer resources, encouraging alliances between players and immediate action against attacks, invasions and other types of crises.

7. Blasphemous

Blasphemy is a soulful Metroidvania that garnered attention upon its release, particularly for its aggressive exploration of religious themes. Your knowledge is completed through events, collection and map progression. In addition, the RPG has an interesting build and evolution system and is full of rewarding secrets hidden in the scenarios.

8. Ashes

Similar to the third-person spirit released by Annapurna, Ashen is one of the most popular PS Plus Extras on the list. Supported by two cooperative friends, the game features a challenging and hostile open world. During the campaign, players must control stamina and HP, use strategic combat systems to eliminate enemies and clear the lonely lands.

9. Cemetery guard

A medieval graveyard management simulator, Graveyard Keeper is a curious management game where every step reveals countless activities to pursue. With hints of sour humor, fun visuals, main and side quests in dungeons, and countless progression alternatives, the game is a full bowl, especially for Stardew Valley fans.

10. Kona

A sequel to the first four games, Kona is an interactive first-person thriller based on folktales. The game focuses on exploration and survival and has an unsettling atmosphere. In the story, Detective Carl Faubert, hired to investigate a case of vandalism in Canada, gets trapped in the snow after an accident and ends up in the “eye of the storm” on the hunt for a mysterious creature.

What do you think of the games on this list? Have you tried any of these on your PS Plus account? Leave your answer and indie game recommendation in the comment box!

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