10 facts about Joel in The Last of Us

10 facts about Joel in The Last of Us

Joel is one of the main characters შორისYou are the last among themAnd players already know a lot about it. However, there is so much more to the character than just smuggling, fighting and surviving. The man has a difficult past, a very deep personality and in today’s video I will tell you 10 facts and trivia about his hard journey.


Joel’s childhood was not tragic, but neither was it ideal. He was born in Texas in September 1980 and grew up with his younger brother Tom. The parents did not have as much time to care for the children, so Joel was the figure of the father. In this way the brothers formed a very strong emotional connection. Despite the burden of responsibility for her brother, Joel was a passionate young man and tried to be the best version of himself.


Joel married a girl as a teenager and Sarah was born as a result of this relationship. The protagonist took on a drastic responsibility, was a father at a young age and did not get a chance to fully experience his teenage life. Also, he had plans to go to college when he was, but he could not make it through. Her time was devoted to raising Sarah because the girl’s mother left the family shortly after the girl’s birth. Joel’s devotion to her daughter demonstrates her maturity and loving spirit.


The memorable watch we saw in both games was Sarah’s gift for Joel’s birthday. Unfortunately, after a few hours we know what a tragic fate it was. The day of the epidemic began and when Joel and Sarah were running down the road, a girl soldier was shot. She was still trying to protect her son, but the damage had already been done. Sarah was killed, leaving Joel in mourning. After more than 20 years he still keeps the watch as a souvenir.


After Sarah’s death, Joel is extremely depressed. Also, he is a witness that the whole world is getting infected and families need to be separated. He begins to wonder why he is still fighting for survival and almost ends his own life. Fortunately, he decides he should continue because he has some hope in it. However, as a result of the injury, Joel expresses his bad feelings during the trip in an extremely violent way.


After Ellie met The Last of Us, Joel had a strong bond with the girl and became her protector as the girl fills part of the void left by the loss of her daughter. On the other hand, the girl looks at the man as a father figure. The mother died in infancy and neither knew the father. Joel plays his guitar for Ellie and sings about the difficulties they face together, but they always overcome it because they have each other. They form one of the most beautiful relationships we have ever seen in games.


As an adult, Joel worked as a carpenter for the tribe. This is evidenced during the first scene of The Last of Us, when he was talking on the phone with his brother. Joel, however, had bigger plans because he had ambitions to start his own business from a young age. After he settled in Jackson with Ellie, he took up architecture as his hobby. His skilled hand helped build several sculptures and guitars, one of which was given to a girl.


Joel is a man of many talents, including singing and playing the guitar. In fact, he is so obsessed with music that he wanted to be a singer as a child. Music is therapeutic for him because it allows him to express his emotions creatively. Joel sings and plays for Ellie, which makes her emotional and helps her relate to her feelings. He even gives guitar and teaches to play. As if part of Joel lives playing Ellie on the instrument.


Joel is a deeply caring person who is always striving to do what is in line with his morals. However, the world is falling apart every day. As a result, he is less interested in doing the right thing and more concerned about staying alive. Joel doesn’t necessarily like the dark man that happens. Unfortunately, he knows that murder and torture are the only options at this point. He still manages to show compassion and love for the people he cares for, such as Eli and his brother Tommy. Players may see that he is corrupt because of the state of the world, but his good feelings are still in him and he appears when needed.

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Joel possesses a lot of physical strength and skills. Players control the character and witness his atrocities, attacks, chokes and blows. He is almost fifty years old and can confront opponents as if they were a young boy. Joel also knows how to use many weapons, such as bows and arrows. Enemies periodically test his strength, but he always manages to return twice as strong. Watching his fight, players forget that he is an ordinary boy who will be shaken by an apocalypse.


Gamers notice that Joel usually looks like a guy, but he also pretty much scares enemies. Well, this combination is purposeful. Joel’s appearance reflects the fact that he is Sarah’s father, while Ellie’s father’s figure. At the same time, he is strong and muscular to fight and intimidate opponents. He also looks like a typical American who lives in a countryside to maintain the country’s aesthetics.

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