10 Best Super Nintendo Platform Games

O. Super Nintendo Has lots of incredible games that have been celebrated by an entire generation. It has something for everyone, including those who like the platform genre!

In the list below, let us recall the 10 most amazing games in the genre on Nintendo’s 16-bit console. Join us!

1. Donkey Kong Country 2

Series Country of donkeys Had three records in Super Nintendo and many think so Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest The best of the trilogy.

As in the first game, the idea is still to visit different thematic scenarios by jumping up and down while collecting bananas, the word KONG for letter formation and much more. However, here is the news.

In addition to Dix being a great partner, it included new animals (like parrots) and more bonus stages for fun. A complete and respectable package for those who like the franchise.

two. Actor educator

A series born in Super Nintendo and which, unfortunately, was on the console itself without any new representatives, Actor educator Is a good representative in the platform games segment.

The protagonist is God, who must help people, the title combines the management phases with platform platforms in which we must defeat various enemies and bosses at the end. To complete all of them it is possible to use swords and magic attacks, good moments of action.

3. Lion king

It was a good time for games coming out straight from the movies and cartoons Lion king One of the best (or best for many) representatives in this segment.

Here we have the opportunity to follow Simba’s journey through different stages, guiding him from childhood to adulthood. Even classic animated songs appear here, which makes the package even more complete and special.

4. Super Mario World

Many finally knew Super Mario World Because it was one of the games that accompanied Super Nintendo and it did not take long for it to become a console classic.

As the Red Mustache debut game on the platform, it has introduced several new features in its pack. The main one is probably Yoshi’s presentation, but we can also highlight the Star Trek route, which allowed us to get to the last prison even faster and go through fewer stages in the process.

5. Kirby Superstar

Can be seen in the package Kirby Superstar So great that there is virtually no consensus among Pink Acorn fans that this is arguably the best game of the character – be it on Super Nintendo or any other platform.

Differential Kirby Superstar Is the fact that he brings eight games in his pack, which offers several opportunities to have fun with the character. Even the mechanics presented here were varied, making it an almost mandatory element for anyone who enjoys the platform genre.

6. Super Castellania IV

Super Nintendo had two representatives of the series CastlevaniaAnd for many Super Castellania IV Stands out from the best of them.

Even with a slightly more dated schedule, he can still offer a challenging experience today in his eleven phases before the final confrontation with Dracula (and also during the rest of this journey).

7. Coat of arms of a demon

There is no doubt that we are facing another pearl of the Super Nintendo platform genre.

What he did (and still does) Coat of arms of a demon Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it has the ability to improve the character, the access to new forms, and the variety of moves to go through each stage – a scheme that is certainly fun and for many who take risks here.

8. Joe and Mackie

Another good representative of the platform genre on Super Nintendo, which has already appeared on other platforms Joe and Mackie.

By controlling the duo of caves, we are invited to go through various stages in the face of human enemies as well as dinosaurs. In fact, the end of each stage offered us a confrontation against one of the beasts of this family size, which guaranteed the players a great deal of fun.

9. Super Ghouls’ n Ghosts

Another Capcom classic will appear on Super Nintendo, repeating the same successful formula seen on other consoles it has gone through.

While we do not find a game that is entirely focused on jumping platforms, these elements still appear at different moments of the journey – which, by the way, is not easy and is certainly alive in the memory of many people.

10. Super Metro

We close this list with a game that has practically helped create a new line in the gaming world known as Metro (Mixture Metro with CastlevaniaMix maps action and search elements with platform segments).

Super Metro Many consider it the best record in the series and attest to the strength that Super Nintendo had in delivering challenging and at the same time fun titles. Aside from a few precincts to explore, he still offered the player three speeds to reach the final confrontation at speed and overcome it.

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